Thursday, April 14, 2011

Choo's Shoes

Hey! Guess who got a hit tonight? CHOOO!

My niece is so excited that I am so excited that she has learned to say "CHOO!" that I think she thinks that's my name. She sees me and just exclaims "CHOOO!"

I'll take it.

He did get some new shoes, which looked pretty stylin' especially with his fancy blue socks. Looked like he was ready for Dancing With The Stars or something. I will see if I can't find a picture to show you.

Extra innings, eh? Scott Cabrera made a funny. Said that if we went 18 the game would be "BOGO" hahaha! (Buy One Get One (Free))

Asdrubal got a hit. Brantley got THREE hits! I'm also not sure what I think about Adam Everett at third here, because he's looking pretty GOOD at the plate but I'm all about Hannahan! How weird is it for us to have a tough choice at third huh? I'm guessing Everett will just remain our backup, as he does better that way.

Speaking of choices, Brantley's hitting .311 in the one spot after 12 games. So what DO we do when Grady comes back? GOD I wish he would just come back already and we can find out!!

He's slated to join Columbus on the 14th (today). How do you like these notes from last Saturday's game with the Aeros?

"'Today was a big step,' Indians head athletic trainer Lonnie Soloff said. Playing for Double-A Akron, Sizemore went 2-for-4 with a double and a walk as the leadoff man and center fielder."


Carlos Carrasco was the starter and while he did give up 3 runs (as many as the Angels' starter) he also went 7 innings. So far we really haven't needed any long or middle relief since the first two games.

Vinnie Pestano came in for relief in the 8th (seeing him pitch back home in Anaheim made his granny cry) pitching a scoreless inning, then my man SIPP! came in for a scoreless 1.2, extending the game in to extra innings.

Chris Perez came in in the 10th to shut 'em down, which he did. But even though there's a night off tomorrow, they didn't let him go more than 20 pitches before they pulled him for Durbin. Durbin? Erm...

Well I guess if Manny Acta is going to be messing with things and looking to see what guys can do, now's the time to do it. Even though the Royals won we're still a half game ahead of them in first so maybe tonight was the night to take some risks.

So check this out...last night I was "watching" the game on Gameday, and today I was following along on my iPod using At Bat 2011, and both nights a thing popped up on my screen letting me catch the live video feed of the game! I know on the Gameday site they let you flip around to different game feeds for a few minutes each (note, I do not subscribe to but you can never get your home team unless you get this special sneak peak from the MLB. Pretty cool - feels like I won a prize! Even though tonight I was actually sitting in front of a TV watching, I still sat there and watched on my iPod. hehehe

Anyway, I highly recommend checking out the free Gameday site during a game. Perhaps if sitting in front of your computer all night is not your bag, at least keep it in mind during day games for when you're at work.

Ok everyone get some rest tomorrow, because it's gonna be a CRAZY weekend against the 6-4 O's. I might actually try to pay someone to go to a game with me. I shouldn't have to but that's the way it goes.

Radio Chatter:
"What Kendrick got there is called a Little League home run."
- Tom Hamilton in response to Anaheim's Kendrick scoring on an error after hitting a double.

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