Thursday, April 28, 2011

Royals More Focused on Wedding Than Baseball

Thanks to Anonymous RM for tonight's title. A beardy birdy told me who RM is and all I gotta say is teachers are more useful than you all give them credit for.

I do love's headline for tonight's game - "Indians Home Cooking a Perfect 10." But, I think ours is so TIMELY! Yay!

First off, I caught the game in four bits - on the radio with babies and parents milling about, on the radio while calmly cleaning my house alone, on At Bat 11 on my iPod and on television at Applebees after making some serious threats to my server.

Seriously, Applebees - the biggest news in Cleveland right now is the NFL draft? So serious that it requires 6 screens at Applebees? You guys realize that half of those big weepy guys are going to get hurt before they ever see a professional start, right? And uh...only one of them will play for the Browns, right? Pretty sure this could have been served via ticker.


So like, why did Asdrubal leave the game in the 8th? Anyone know? Just to keep Everett's joints oiled, I hope? That happened during my At Bat 11 hiatus so I have no idea why it happened. It would make sense to me that being up by 8 was grounds for giving Asdrubal a sit-down.

Having a sit-down yesterday seems to have worked wonders for our man Carlos "Smooth" Santana (sorry, whichever blogger decided last year that "smooth" can't be Santana's nickname. I like it!) He blasted one out in the first, leaving my brother and Scott Cabrera and I with our mouths agape. "Did anyone hear who hit that? Who's after Choo, Hafner? ... Santana? Woaaahh..."

Oh yeah CHOOOOO! got one just before Santana. Get this - I was standing there with two babies who have been trained to say "CHOOOO!" and both of them got stage fright after Choo's homer. Not cool, babies! It would have been an EPIC CHOO! Although, both of them had epic a-choos on my couch. They are no better at saying "CHOOOOO!" than they are at covering their mouths.

Grady got a homer. He also got a double, as did Hannahan and Asdrubal.

You know who else got a homer? SHELLEY DUNCAN! Remember him from yesterday, when he was batting cleanup? Today he was batting 6th (still DH) and his AVG is up there with Hafner's (although fewer ABs but it works for us).

Hafner...tenderness in the ankle. I am going to say he has Old Man Ankle. I can say that because he is older than me and I am way old. Anyway, I am glad he told a trusted adult that his ankle did not feel good, instead of playing through and ruining his batting average and making us all put our Pronk shirts back in to storage. And you know what? Since our BENCH is so DEEP and we've got winners like Shelley Duncan and Adam Everett and Lou Marson ready to step in and bat a bit in Hafner's stead (he's only DHing now, anyway) then we have all the time in the world for him to take a little time off the ankle and maybe put a little ice on it and perhaps have a happy good massage. But like, not TOO much time. We do need him back. Hopefully he is better at the first sign of trouble.

Speaking of trouble, that wiley Good Fausto showed up today. Yay for Good Fausto! Only 4 strikeouts but TEN ground outs. Seven whole innings and a WIN!

My man SIPP! was out there doin' his Sipp thing tonight. Mowin' em down in the 8th. Looks like he was inspired to be Good Sipp so I'll let him return to being My Man. And then there was Germano who had a fancy play to end the game. That's the sort of thing that last year, I dunno...somehow would have led to the Royals scoring 10 runs, don't you think?

So we're 4.5 up on both the Tigers and the Royals. We face the Tigers next for 3, and they just got humiliated by the Mariners. I mean like, bad. The Royals go on to face the Twins, who just sort of humiliated us. I am pretty sure I know what is going to happen against the Tigers (it might involve me purchasing an inflatable broom) but I sort of don't know what the Royals are going to go on to do after their Wahoo whoopin'. Pretty fun to have everyone playing each other this weekend tho (except the ChiSox who are playing the Orioles, who have started to stink to that's a toss-up).

Man I just had a thought that we could have also made a pun about Kansas and "there's no place like home." Let me know if any of the newspapers use that one tomorrow.

I didn't listen to the radio enough tonight to give you any Radio Chatter, and I don't have time to go over the archive (if it's even up). However, I have a real nice quote from a few games back, posted by our follower Asimovian and it involves our favorite bencher Shelley Duncan so that's what I'll leave you with.

Radio Chatter:
"Folks, if you don't like Shelley Duncan, take a good look in the mirror. The problem will be staring back at you."
- Tom Hamilton

(I wonder if Shelley's ever going to get his own Fresh Brewed Tee?)

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