Saturday, April 16, 2011

Still on a Roll

Short post tonight, I am dead tired. Gotta get to bed so I can make it to tomorrow's game!

I thought this blog would be a bit of a challenge...well maybe not a challenge because I honestly can find fun and excitement in any game despite the score. But I did think it would be more of a lesson for others not to be so down on the Indians and this young team, and to help disgruntled fans learn to love baseball again.

So far, it's been a breeze. Even the first two games of the season - which we lost - were exciting as heck. We did score 10 runs in the first game, after all! Then again, after my assertions last year that THIS year would be a team to see, I shouldn't be surprised now should I? This blog probably would have been more meaningful last year, at least topic-wise. This year, it seems more like a diary of How My Team Made The Playoffs. So far.

Anyway, you heard it didn't you? Another game with fan-friggin-tastic pitching and even better hitting. Like, guys teeing off as if it were batting practice.

Hey guess who got a hit? A home run, even? CHOOO! That's who. LIKE! You know who else got a home run? Orlando Cabrera. Haven't heard from that cat in a few games but the bitch is back!

Hafner had a superb afternoon, going 3 for 4 with a double. I swear he really digs being at home. Home games must be best for big names like him don't you think?

Everyone got a hit today aside from Brantley, which...whatever. He's still hitting over .300!

Speaking of Brantley, Grady might possibly be back for Sunday's game. He was in the house today. If he makes it into the game, I will be there to welcome him back. Yay me!

Got to see my man SIPP! today with another scoreless 8th. Still rockin' the 0.00 ERA. And you know how many runs Chad Durbin gave up? None.

I bought some foam board and some "poster markers" to make my sign. It was really windy when I left the store with the board in my hand and I thought "wow this is the worst day ever to buy foam board." Now I see that the forecast for tomorrow simply says WINDY (italicized even) so I'm not sure if it's the right day to debut a sign made out of foam board. What if it flies away from me? What if it makes me fall over? Plus, I am too tired to make a sign right now, and I want to do it right. Choices, choices. What if I just bring a broom? (without a handle, of course)

I was only able to listen to the game in the background today, so I don't have any Radio Chatter for you. However, the always astute Scott Cabrera was able to snap this screen shot off the TV today and I will leave you with it, without comment.

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