Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Exhausting Pitcher's Duel

Man, am I tired. It's just exhausting listening to a pitcher's duel, where every pitch can re-set the game. Plus, 5 games into a 6-game west coast trip...zzzzzz....

I must say, nice stuff by Angels pitcher Dan Haren. A one-hit shutout against the hottest team in baseball. Hats off to him.

Also, I sort of like Torii Hunter. Shhh. And he had a nice play tonight.

Hey guess who got a hit? CHOOO! It was our only hit, too. Leave it to him...I heard someone say Choo said in an interview that he felt great and was "seeing the ball well." I'm sure you are dude. He probably thought really hard about getting a hit today, and made it happen.

Fact: Asdrubal Cabrera has the most April home runs for any Indians short stop since 1960. stat, bro, but is this all the news we can come up with right now?

Aw man, sorry, I can't be snarky about Asdrubal News!

Carmona pitched 7.2. Personally I would have just shook his hand and told him "good game!" and brought in Tony Sipp for the 8th but that's not what happened. Acta seems to want to push all of his guys to 120 pitches. Which, you know, is cool. I'm sure Bob Feller would pitch 18 innings straight. And, I guess we have the leeway to push guys right now. We must trust in Acta. HA...his answer to a post-game interview question about the pitch count was "I manage the Indians". Well played.

My head hurts. Winning streaks are so stressful. I mean it sort of doesn't matter if we lose a few here and there BUT WHAT ABOUT THE STREAK?! WILL WE STILL BE THE HOTTEST TEAM IN BASEBALL?! Calm down. It's ok. Think baseball...

More baseball tomorrow, at 7:05 ET. Thanks, city of Anaheim. We're tired out here.

Radio Chatter:
"Never thought I'd come to Anaheim and there would be Fleece Blanket Night"
- Tom Hamilton

"Fausto Carmona - he's pitched gallantly tonight. Dan Heran has simply pitched better."
- Tom Hamilton


  1. I continue to marvel at Torii Hunter. I have many man-crushes in baseball, but I don't know if there's anyone else in the sport that I've spent more time applauding for robbing a team I was rooting for of hits and runs. That being said, I wish he'd have let us have a break last night.

    Alright, Tribe -- let's get another streak going! I'm actually scoping out tickets for the early May series in Anaheim, now, where I'll be doning my Indians jersey and fawning over LaPorta.

  2. Oh good, so I'm not the only one who has a disloyal admiration for Torii! I thought maybe it was because I had a streak of getting free tickets to Indians/Twins games for a while there. But now I see that it's completely normal.

    From the Indians FB page today:
    Shin-Soo Choo walked over to a handful of his Indians teammates after the game and had a simple message to spread around the room. "We'll start it again tomorrow," Choo said.