Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Test Match

Oh man...I've gotten about 9,400 hits since I started on Opening Day. Of course, nearly 50% of those are from the Asdrubal Cabrera's Tattoo post...but do you think I can make it to 10,000 by the end of the month? People are losing interest in the Tribe fast, so it's hard to get readers. And I am running out of clever titles to lure people in!

Let's hope that another mention of the tattoo brings me closer to the goal...

Anyway, tonight's game seemed sort of winnable with us scoring 4 but it was a day to throw the young kids out there as relievers and test their skills.

Since the Tigers are playing the White Sox and Verlander is pitching (meaning we won't be losing ground on the White Sox who will be losing) it was a good night to see what Hagadone, Judy and Zach Putnam can do.

Of course, Manny probably assumed they wouldn't have to come up after 4-cum-6 runs from Masterson (Hagadone appeared when Masterson had only given up 4, but he left 2 on and they came in to score with the runs going to Masterson) but that is how it worked.

Didn't matter. It was over. Facing the AL West leaders in September in 101 degree heat is a plenty good test for our new guys. And also good not to have to bother our real relievers, saving them for closer games.

The Rangers' starter, Harrison, had pretty much the same stats as Masterson going in, and except for the extra runs given up by Masterson/Hagadone, the Tribe ended up treating him pretty much the same.

Tonight's LOB was only 7 but we didn't walk much so there weren't too many guys to leave.

Fukudome was back to being awesome today after a couple days off from awesomeness (a zero-total-bases game followed by a zero-hit game) to go 2 for 4 tonight, scoring a run.

Kipnis was second and hit a nice double in the second, and got an RBI thanks to Fukudome running like THE WIND! Did you know Kipnis has a 5-game hitting streak? Going back to 8/12, his last game before he got hurt. Ha!

Carlos Santana was the big news of the night. He broke an 0-for-20 streak and hit not only one home run but TWO! One from each side of the plate! The first since Victor Martinez...forget if that was just an Indians stat or a league stat. And what year. But it was neat! Santana also got a double that saw him come in to score.

I'm thinking he remembered to stop tapping his foot when he swings. Maybe they should write it on his hands!

Grady Sizemore got his first hit since July. There's that.

Shelley Duncan didn't get a hit tonight. Not even a home run. Awwww!

Lonnie and LaPorta were bringin' up the rear tonight, and each got a hit. Lonnie's was a two-bagger. I keep being surprised to hear LaPorta's name, even though he's been here the most all season and was only gone for a short while. I guess I just wrote that guy off completely!

Tomorrow's game is on ESPN so it's at 7:05 PM. That sucks because it'll be an extra hour in the sun and heat out in Texas. Record temperatures this summer and it's not getting any better. So that will be fun...

It'll be Huff versus David Holland. Huff has the lower ERA and was back on track his last game so we've got a fighting chance. Fight we will - see you there!

Radio Chatter:
"Beltrae turns bad hops into outs."
- Tom Hamilton

"Tony Romo probably doesn't want to go out to eat for a while. He is public enemy number one around here."
- Tom Hamilton

"September is a time to find out if some young kids are ready for the big leagues. Nick Hagadone is not."
- Tom Hamilton

"[The Rangers] absolutely own the Indians over the last 3 years."
- Tom Hamilton

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