Sunday, September 4, 2011

Stepping Up

FINALLY! A WIN ON A SUNDAY! We haven't won on a Sunday since June 19 and it has sort of ruined my Sundays for a long while. Especially since most of those games were on broadcast TV and I sat there like a dork watching them.

Everybody stepped up today BIG TIME. Considering most of our lineup is on the DL as well as 2 of our 5 original starters, the fact that we can win like this is pretty big. Almost everybody hit today too!

Jeanmar Gomez started today, only his 7th time this year. He looked great, holding back an impressive Kansas City lineup and giving up only 1 run on 6 hits. He had 3 strikeouts in 5 1/3 innings and induced 2 double plays!

He got into a little jam in the 6th and Raffy came in to take over, causing another double play. After HE got into a jam, Durbin came in to walk the bases loaded. Sipp let Raffy's two guys come in to score (he has given up a lot of other guys' runs lately).

Smith came in to show them how it's done in the 8th. Hermann in the 9th...not so much.

Chris Perez came in to get the job done anyway...although everyone would rather he didn't have to.

Batting was awesome today with 13 hits and only 2 strikeouts! We actually had 10 LOB even though we scored 9 runs, because we also got 6 on. So not a LOB number I like to see but I will take 9 runs any day!

We really piled up the doubles today with Fukudome, Hannahan, Head (yeah!), a returning Asdrubal and Santana all getting 2-baggers. Both Asdrubal and Jerad Head got RBIs out of those doubles.

Jerad Head got his first major league RBI today!

Asdrubal looked pretty good today after having a game-and-a-half out with that bruised knee. Nice to see him hitting again after going 1-for-15 before today!

Jack Hannahan left the game in the 3rd with "tightness in his calf." He's day-to-day I'm sure. Other than Asdrubal, he is really the last person we can afford to lose. I feel partly responsible for his departure, as my friend who is going to a game with me in the near future suggested she would like to make a Hannahan sign. I said "you can't be sure that he will play that day but ok." Ugh. I would rather be sure!

He did manage to get 2 hits and score a run before leaving. Because he is on a roll! Let's hope he's able to roll on the next 3 games...

Sweet Lou had his second 3-hit game in less than a month! Man that guy is streaky. Not even streaky...sneaky? He'll go days without a hit then do something like this.

The big news of the afternoon is SHELLEY DUNCAN! Total DH badassery today, hitting TWO HOME RUNS and getting 5 RBI! His numbers don't quite match up with Thome's for this year but I really don't mind him being the afternoon game DH at all. I don't mind him being the third outfielder, either. Stick him in left - Asdrubal and Carrera have it covered anyway!

As much as we like(?) Matt LaPorta - and the despite the fact that we NEARLY needed a first baseman today - Duncan just seems to be the more solid player for us. To me at least.

Ok so the next 3 are against the Tigers. I'll be glued to my seat tomorrow afternoon at 1:05 then screaming my head off Tuesday night at the game.

See you there!!!

Radio Chatter:
"You don't see this much - an intentional walk in the first inning. But it is September 4th and Indians are in must-win mode. Manny Acta is not going to let this kid spoil it for us."
- Tom Hamilton on the intentional walk of Hosmer

"He must feel like a kid on Christmas morning, getting a hit and an RBI in front of all his friends and family."
- Tom Hamilton on Head's first RBI

"It's as if somebody's got a voodoo doll and they keep sticking pins in it."
- Tom Hamilton on the exit of Hannahan

"If you're a hot Indians hitter right now, look out!"
- Jim Rosenhaus on the possible injury to Santana

"Well he does lead the team on visits from the trainer on the field this year."
- Tom Hamilton on the possible injury to Santana

"Football doesn't drive it - greed drives it. Absolute greed."
- Tom Hamilton on midwestern college football rivalries

"It's a very good thing that Bruce Chen has a very good curveball, because he won't be making it on the singing circuit."
- Tom Hamilton on the pitching-change appearance of Chen singing "Dancing Queen"

"Does the winner of the East look forward to facing Justin Verlander twice in a 7-game series?"
- Tom Hamilton

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