Saturday, September 24, 2011

It's a Beautiful Day for Baseball - Let's Play Two.

Thanks, Ernie Banks. I agree. Even though it's September I'm still feeling the rush of excitement from baseball. Perhaps it is me getting all I can from the game before it goes to sleep (in Cleveland) for 6 months, but it truly is a treat to have a double-header today. I was in the mood for it!

The Tribe didn't win by the long ball today. In fact, there were NO homers for our guys today even tho Shelley and Kipnis and Santana were in. We still managed to score 8!

Also, while our strikeout count wasn't happy (7), the Twins left with 13 K's and had 8 LOB. See how that loses ballgames?

David Huff had quite a turnaround after his last game. His previous game was nasty when he gave up 9 runs to Seattle. My uncle was making fun of me because I said Huff was good. I should have said "good" with air quotes and said he was streaky. Because he is.

After just going 2 2/3 Monday, Huff went 5 2/3 today only giving up 2 runs and had SEVEN strikeouts. Those are Ubaldo numbers right there.

He didn't get the win, though, because we were tied when he left. Putnam came in and looked good striking out a guy to finish the inning, then he hit Rivera and gave up a single. He eventually settled down and got the next guy to line out then struck out the rest.

Frank Herman came in and actually pitched 2 innings - which is great on a double-header day - and struck out 3.

Jason Donald started the afternoon game at short today and continued to hit well. He only went 1 for 4 but that gives him 13 hits in his last 10 games. He worked hard for his single today, too, beating a close play for an infield single!

Kipnis had a phenomenal game. Makes me think Asdrubal would have too if he were batting behind Kipnis! Kipnis himself went 2 for 3 with 2 RBI and 2 runs scored. His batting average is hovering up around .300 at .294. He's also got 19 RBI in just 32 games!

Pronk was in this afternoon game. Must be that Thome is in the night game. That's weird that we have such a platoon of designated hitters. Just before we got Thome we had none! Travis went 1 for 3 and scored 2.

Shelley Duncan! He got back on his shiny horse today and made a crazy awesome catch in the 2nd, reminiscent of his "famous" catches in Texas.
He also scored our first 3 (and thus winning!) runs with a 2-run double in the 1st and then a sac fly in the 6th to start our huge 6-run rally. Rock!

LaPorta got in on the act today, getting an RBI double after Shelley's double. It was his 5th RBI in 4 games. Then Hannhan and Fukudome came in with RBI singles after that! Getting it done, small-ball style!

Fuky wasn't slated to play but he had to come in and relieve Trevor Crowe who re-injured his shoulder in the 1st inning while in the field. Manny says Crowe is OUT for the rest of the season. Dammit...No word yet on Twitter from @tcrowe4 but be sure you send him good wishes because I am sure he is BUMMED beyond belief.

Great game this afternoon, with a lot of well-timed hitting. Granted it all came at once but it sure was a lot at once! I can't wait to see what tonight brings, how about you?

Tonight is the TRIUMPHANT RETURN of Mitch Talbot. Heya! He'll be facing another youngin in Scott Diamond. Perhaps a high-scoring game? I'd be up for that.

As long as we win.

See you there!

Radio Chatter:
"We all know how good the 90s teams were, but they never hit wall-scraping home runs. There was never any doubt about it."
- Tom Hamilton

"Those two schools could play marbles and pack the house."
- Tom Hamilton on OSU and Michigan

"When you break in with Roger Maris and Mickey Mantle, I guess that is a sign you're going to have a heck of a run in baseball.
- Tom Hamilton on Mike Hegan's career

"I think when Kirk Gibson tells you to do something, you do it."
- Mike Hegan

"Right now Liriano's body language would tell you he would like to be anywhere but the mound."
- Tom Hamilton just before we scored 6 off Liriano

"That's the thing about Matt LaPorta. He shows those signs every once in a while where you go 'wow.'"
- Mike Hegan

"Ron Gardenhier heading to the mound to choke Liriano."
- Tom Hamilton

"Carlos Santana is looking for a 96-mile-per-hour fastball that he can send out to the Bob Feller statue."
- Tom Hamilton on Santana's at-bat in the 6-run 6th

"GOT HIM! Or no...I guess not."
"You trying to get out of here?"
"Four-thirty mass at the cathedral."
- Tom Hamilton and Mike Hegan on Hamilton's missed call in the 8th

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