Monday, September 26, 2011

So How About Them Tigers?

What do you think - are you going to root for the Tigers in the playoffs? Generally I don't pay attention to playoffs that we're not a part of but I am curious about how these Tigers might do. I of course would want them to murder the Yankees and if the BoSox get in, take care of those idiots too. Texas and Tampa I could care less about.

The Lions are 3-0 right now, the city of Detroit could stand to have an awesome October.

Sometimes people say you have to root for the team that represents your division. Others would say you don't want anyone from your division rising so high. So I don't know.

I think I will root for them. Because it's the rust belt and hey, I'd feel a lot better to know we came in 2nd to the World Series Champs, right?

In the meantime...Ubaldo Jiminez was no good. Ho hum. He gave up 6 in 5 innings after a 1-2-3 first. He only struck out 3 which is normal for most of our guys but pretty bad for Ubaldo.

Not to be out done, Corey Kluber came in and gave up 4 runs. Then Josh Judy gave up 4 more. Yep.

The bats didn't do anything...except Asdrubal! He got a single in the 4th. He was taken out in the 9th for Valbuena. VALBUENA!

Before that, Jerad Head came in for Fukudome to get some swings. He got a hit too! Off the Detroit reliever, but still...

The other guy to get a hit was NOT Shelley Duncan. It was Matt LaPorta who didn't just get ONE hit he got TWO.

Doug Fister pitched an 8-inning shutout, with no walks and 9 strikeouts.

At least it wasn't a rainout. And we didn't get any errors. Here's a little Lou for you:

Chin up, fan!
Same time, same place tomorrow. 7:05 in Detroit - maybe it will be more exciting? See you there!

Radio Chatter:
"That's the one downfall of this Detroit lineup. They can't run worth a lick."
- Tom Hamilton

"With Avila and the 3 guys on base...if they were on a relay team...that race would take 2 days."
- Tom Hamilton

"Last outing for the year for Jiminez is...not a good one."
- Tom Hamilton

"Welp, Corey Kluber, making friends early here in Motown."
- Tom Hamilton after Kluber hit Miguel Cabrera

"This is men against boys."
- Tom Hamilton on Doug Fister

"Right now the Indians feel like the Christians did in the Roman coliseum. They are getting devoured right now by the Tigers."
- Tom Hamilton

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