Saturday, September 3, 2011


I don't know what was up tonight, boffins.

Did you know that we've faced Luke Hochevar twice this year and got 12 runs off him? We sure did.

But tonight we got just 1 run (unearned!) and that wasn't enough to overcome David Huff giving up 5 runs. Is that guy streaky or what?

He is a "rainmaker", that's for sure. In that he's been the starter in 3 PPD games this year. At least tonight he didn't have to be taken out due to rain! He pitched 6 innings today striking out 3, but 5 runs was just too much.

Josh Judy got an inning of relief in, and got one hit and one strikeout. Same for Chad Durbin.

The stand-outs tonight were Jack Hannahan and Lonnie Chisenhall. They got 2 of our 3 hits. Also Lonnie was at 3rd, not looking too bad, and Jack was covering for Asdrubal at short.

Zeke was the only other guy to get a hit, and he put his speediness to work by getting to third on a throwing error during a steal attempt. Carlos Santana was able to hit him in with a sac fly.

Jerad Head got on base by an error, and then stole second with his whole family watching. His whole family was watching because some nice folks with the Royals organization made it happen. It's a midwest thang!

So that's it, really. We'll try again tomorrow at 2:10 with Genmar Gomez. I think we're ready to have a winning Sunday, don't you?

Radio Chatter:
"There's a reason why The Wizard of Oz took place in Kansas. And these skies are part of that scene."
- Tom Hamilton on the weather

"Maybe the Indians can do something out of the Tigers' comeback book..."
- Tom Hamilton after Detroit came back to win after losing 8-1

"If you come to Kansas City and drop 2 out of 3, you're basically putting yourself in an impossible situation."
- Tom Hamilton

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