Friday, September 9, 2011

That's What I'm Talkin' 'bout!

Nice bit of baseball going on in Chicago tonight. Especially by the Indians!

Jeamnar Gomez had a lovely lovely start tonight, giving up only 2 runs and pitching 6 innings with 3 strikeouts. The kind of thing you want to see from, say, guys who are not just up out of Columbus.

Good thing he only gave up 2 because Smith is into giving up runs lately (albeit just 1 tonight) and we're also giving Nick Hagadone a chance to show his stuff and you never know how that's going to work out (tonight - one run and one hit in one inning but he also struck out 1!)

Very nice hits-to-LOB ratio today with 11 hits and 6 LOB. We did have 10 strikeouts and maybe that helped us not leave too many on base (they never got there - HA!) but, 8 runs? Yeah, I'll take it!

Fukudome was leading off today. I haven't been keeping up with what's going on with Grady. But, he wasn't starting tonight.

That's ok because FUKUDOME STILL ROCKS! Isn't it awesome to have a trade like that go so well? His 2 hits tonight has him surpassing Asdrubal as the team's best "qualifying" hitter (awwww Asdrubal!) and gives him 2 more RBI. They like to say how he's gotten more RBI with us this year than the Cubs and's true!

He shoulda had a 3rd hit tonight but it was caught on a stupid good play. Or really a poor play in which the player got lucky at the end.

Jason Donald is back to being hot, which is pretty cool. He's got 11 hits over 10 games, close to Fuku!

OMG Shelley Duncan are you for real?! Two more hits today! No homers, but a double so that's cool. He's not a "qualifier" (3 at-bats for every game the team has played) but Duncan's up there at the top of the Tribe for slugging and OPS. Right up there with Asdrubal, Hafner and Santana.

Boy I just looked at the stats for our team and you know how many "qualifiers" we have? Just 3 - Asdrubal, Santana and Brantley. Brantley will end up about 35 at-bats short of qualifying by the end of the season, too. Now, most other teams only have 5-7 qualifiers but we'll only end up with 1/3 of that. Yikes!

But, we can at least have fun with the new guys while everyone convalesces. For example - Lonnie Chisenhall! Where did this dude come from?! He's having a Shelley Duncan sort of week with one homer on Wednesday with 2 RBI, and TWO more homers today with 4 RBI! But, he had an error because he's not Jack Hannahan. But, his new batting sure as hell does help ease the pain!

Sweet Lou, my new best friend, raised that batting average tonight by going 2 for 4. He also stole a base. Yeah he did!

Trevor Crowe still hasn't gotten a hit, so his average remains at .000. He DID walk today, not once but twice, and turned both of those into runs. And he stole a base. So, you GO, little brother!

Zeke was batting 9th today, so we're back to having 2 leadoff guys. Except he was in a super slump, something like 2 for 26 after being fairly consistent. Well today he got 2 hits and one of them was a double (his 7th) and he got 2 RBI. His second hit was a FC double or something...where he fell down turning the corner around first. Look at the video, I thought it was pretty scary watching his legs bend like that. I really really hope he's all right. Because this trend of players being hurt is just NOT FUN.

But the game itself was pretty fun tonight, with lots of hits and lots of runs. All from weird people too. 'Cuz it looks like Asdrubal is done at the plate and Santana is perhaps back to forgetting not to move his foot around. And Thome wasn't even in. At least we got Fukudome!

Tomorrow is 4:10 PM if you can stand it. I know for me it'll cross over with some plans (mom's all turning 60 and stuff) so you might not get my post until later.

But you know I'll be there eventually. See you then!

Radio Chatter:
"I guess the White Sox are celebrating St. Patrick's Day in September today."
- Tom Hamilton on the White Sox green uniforms

"Jack Hannahan didn't open the door, he kicked it down."
- Tom Hamilton on Hannahan's entrance into the team this year

"this is a night when somebody in the marketing department ran out of ideas. [...] How much green beer was consumed at that meeting?"
- Tom Hamilton again on the green uniforms

"I wouldn't know what goes on at 3 in the morning, except for when I have to get a cab to go get Rosie."
- Tom Hamilton on having fun in Chicago late at night

"You're saying there are some things you miss about Winterhaven?"
"Well I miss the Super Wal-Mart, since Wal-Mart is one of our sponsors. I also miss driving down the street and seeing a denture maker on every corner, and a chiropractor across the street."
- Jim Rosenhaus and Tom Hamilton on the former Indians Spring Training site

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