Saturday, September 17, 2011

How Asdrubal Got His Groove Back

Yet another nice reason to play against an awful team - everyone can relax and just hit the ball. Now, I can't say that Asdrubal's recent slump had anything to do with nerves or being "put upon" to lead the team as a contender. But it took being pummeled by better teams and then a softball series to finally get Asdrubal to hit the damn ball.

Whatever it was, Asdrubal had a great game today - and so did the rest of the team. Shelley Duncan wasn't even in the lineup!

Jeanmar Gomez was spectacular through 6.2 and was only at 97 pitches when he hurt his leg. Ack! He'd only given up 2 runs and struck out 3. No idea what's up with that and I'm guessing we won't know for sure until 5 days from now.

Josh Judy didn't have so good of a game. He gave up 2 runs and got just 2 outs before he was pulled for Raffy who got it done. Joe Smith took on the 8th and newcomer Zach Putnam covered the 9th with ease.

Minnesota had to throw up 8 pitchers to get past us as we scored 10 runs and got 14 hits!

Sooo close to Everybody Hits! but Fukudome got on base via the walk instead. Awwww... Almost everyone got an RBI today too and there were only 6 strikeouts for 40 at-bats!

Kipnis is SO back! He's now got an 8-game hitting streak with 12 hits in those 8 games. He's not our surprise home run king anymore but he did get a double today with 2 RBI and scored 3 runs! He got TWO TRIPLES! That's pretty amazing - didn't that happen to us against the Blue Jays this year?

I think Asdrubal really gets jazzed by hitting behind another good hitter. He was at his best behind a hot Brantley and then was doing well behind the previous incarnation of Kipnis. When he lost his buddies is when it seems that he faltered. What do you think?

Now that Kipnis is hot, Asdrubal went 4 for 5! He got 1 RBI and scored twice. I will be super excited if he does this well again tomorrow and I can bring my OMG ASDRUBAL sign to the game Monday. I was thinking of retiring it, to be honest, but...not anymore!

More evidence that he's back? This play. Yep.

Wow they're interviewing him on the post-game. I've never heard him speak before I don't think. Hahaha! "I work hard every day and do the best that I can." Insightful!

Santana got his 25th homer today, giving him the most homers in a season for an Indians' switch hitter. Cool. He's also got a 6-game hitting streak and has 75 RBI. Even though he's leading the team in homers he still isn't leading Asdrubal in RBI! (83) I'm really glad Santana is shaping up even if it's too little too late. I was so excited to see him back this season and was so disappointed earlier in the season. If this is how he really is tho, I'll take it!

Hafner went 2 for 4 today with a walk and 2 RBI. It's been almost a MONTH since his last RBI so that's great!

Oh, surprise! Matt LaPorta! He was at first today (no Lou) and went 1 for 4 with an RBI. That hit was a double, too! LaPorta has actually gotten a hit in the last 3 games he's played since he's been back from Columbus.

Lonnie only got 1 hit today. I guess he's been figured out. Zeke only got 1 as well - but it was a triple! I was listening to the call and one second he was at the plate and within the blink of an eye he was on third. Seriously Zeke is LIGHTNING fast!

Trevor Crowe got another hit, which gives him 5 hits in the 7 games he's been here. Not bad, right? Glad to see he was worth the wait!

You know I was in my guest room/playroom/Tribe room yesterday and saw my sad little foam broom. It's coming out tomorrow! Well not really - I've got some family stuff to attend to during the day so I can't walk around with my foam broom - but I'll be THINKING about it all day.

These last 2 games have been amazing and fun and I can't WAIT til tomorrow when Masterson is going to crush Pavano. We're all gonna crush Pavano. We're going to hit like hell!

Back to regular Central time, 2:10. See you there!

Update: Woah, I forgot to publish yesterday's post after I wrote it. Oops! Here it is, with a special new Lou Marson picture.

Radio Chatter:
"When a slider pitcher has it going well, hitters hate that. A bad day at the office for them."
- Jim Rosenhaus

"That one was a possibility for another Cabrera highlight reel but Kipnis couldn't get it done."
- Jim Rosenhaus

"You can always make room for Chewbacca!"
- Tom Hamilton on the upcoming Star Wars night

"When your wife is this close to [giving birth] it's not good to be on an 11-day road trip. And you don't tell her how nice the resort is."
- Tom Hamilton to Jim Rosenhaus

"DROPPED by the ball boy! This sums up the Twins' season, another error. Come on! He's looking at his glove - they always do."
- Tom Hamilton

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  1. Just wanted to say I love your blog! I read it after every game. Im a HUGE fan of Asdrubal too. I think its great you point out the good things that happened. This team is obviously going places next year! Thanks for making me smile (: