Thursday, September 1, 2011

No Heroes Today

For however tired our team might have been today, Oakland is technically more tired due to rain delays and previous schedule. So we can't really blame our performance today on too many innings last night.

They did roll out the same lineup as last night - aside from Thome who can't play a day game after a night game due to back issues - and that is pretty ballsy. But, now is not the time to decide you're tired. There is a lot of baseball to be played!

We were shut out today, which is thankfully unusual. Only 5 hits and no extra base hits. Jeepers!

Fausto started and he was all meh. Three earned runs (with a 4th un-earned run) over 6 innings. Not what we really want. Although in the end it was a wash.

Nick Hagadone and Corey Kluber were brought up today due to the bullpen being wrecked from last night. Hagadone gave up 3 in 1 1/3 innings and now his ERA is over 16. OOPS! No idea if we'll see those kids more or what.

Shelley Duncan was in today for Thome and he got a hit! I forgot to mention that the foul ball I got on Monday was hit by Shelley Duncan. Kind of disappointed in myself for not being more excited about that! See how awesome Shelley Duncan is??

Fukudome is still hot, getting another of our 5 hits today. He is basically the veteran on days like this, along with Hannahan, when Thome isn't around and Asdrubal isn't performing.

Speaking of Asdrubal they did give him the 8th and 9th innings off. Good call.

Oh so Sweet Lou specifically asked to catch today, after catching all 16 yesterday. Such a stud! And he was rewarded for his awesomeness - or rather, we were awarded for his awesomeness - by him going 2 for 3. He TRIED to be the hero go.

That's about it for today's game. Everyone keep an eye on the DET/KC game going on right now which is 10-8 KC in the 7th. But it's "only" the 7th...

We face the Royals next, and they are hitting some. Having very little issue with the Tigers, really. What's really going to suck is that the Tigers and White Sox play each other next. One of them has to lose every night. We have to win, of course. There is no choice!

So, Central Time tomorrow, 8:05 PM for Big Nasty versus Bruce Chen (ugh).

See you there!

Radio Chatter:
"I'll tell you what, Coco Crisp, the calendar says he's 31 but he runs like he's 21."
- Tom Hamilton

"Gio Gonzalez is the sort of guy you look at and say 'How in the world did he get traded so much?' But they were always big trades."
- Tom Hamilton

"The fan says she's ok...she gets an early start on some firewood for the fireplace this winter."
- Tom Hamilton describing a fan being hit by a bat

"Right now for Carmona, he can't buy a break."
- Tom Hamilton in the 7th after bases are loaded

"Well why should today be any different? The Indians have not done anything easily this year. [...] If the Indians were a little league team they'd be well under .500 this year. But because we play 7-8-9, they are in the hunt."
- Tom Hamilton

"While you would like to have Victor Martinez in the middle of your order, from an importance standpoint, would you rather have him right now or Justin Masterson and Nick Hagadone?"
- Tom Hamilton

"If the Indians were voting today, Gio Gonzalez would be on his way to Cooperstown."
- Tom Hamilton

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