Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Big Bashers

So you'll never guess how we won this game. It was all homers, all by the top of the order, and without the help of Shelley Duncan! Wow!

Oh AND we also won due to some stellar pitching by Fausto that didn't include any big innings or melt downs. Just 3 earned runs over 6 innings and 3 strikeouts. He got himself a WIN and is now 7-15.

That #bullpenmafia was back today, with Smith, Pestano and Chris Perez. Three innings, 3 batters each, 3 strikeouts total. It was capped off by a fancy twirl and save number 35 for Perez.

Sweet and simple:

Fukudome, 1 for 4 with a homer.

Kipnis, 2 for 4 with a double and stolen base.

Asdrubal, 1 for 4 with a homer.

Hafner, 2 for 4 with a homer and 2 RBI.

Gavin Floyd shut everyone else down except for Trevor Crowe who got 1 hit (and a stolen base!) Considering so few guys got hits and nobody walked, you will all be happy to know that there were only 7 strikeouts! Yesterday we struck out 11 times in just 7 innings. Progress!

So Asdrubal...he has fallen in to the "get hot in Cleveland, get hurt" trap and strained his back while swinging the bat in the 8th. Tom Hamilton went all scorched-earth on me and said "maybe done for the season" right away which is just NOT FAIR because I have tickets to 2 more games yet! Maybe I need to paste "Shelley Duncan" over the "Asdrubal" part of the sign?

Did you see Jack Hannahan was in today? They say he's all better! So, one up, one down...

Just checked out the lineup for tonight's game. Zeke is in, and so is Thome and so is....Valbuena?! Aye aye aye! I guess we just have no choice with this schedule.

Zach McAllister with his 12.27 ERA will be facing another young guy with 0 wins. Maybe it'll be an awesome slug-fest again. For both teams equally of course.

See you tonight!

Radio Chatter:
"If you're gonna miss, miss off the plate not on the plate."
- Mike Hegan gives sage advice

"The guy's as big as Paul Bunyan."
- Tom Hamilton on Adam Dunn

"You ask the man on the street who Juan Pierre is, they might say he's a French chef. Our owns an ice cream company."
- Mike Hegan remembering the sponsors

"This isn't like the NBA where all you have to do is be a mediocre ball club and get into the playoffs."
- Tom Hamilton

"Joe Smith showed some hops!"
- Tom Hamilton

"Well, since we believe in Santa Claus...couldn't he deliver Michael Cuddyer?"
- Tom Hamilton's Christmas list

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