Friday, September 23, 2011

Thomecoming. I'm into it.

Ugh why am I such a downer about Jim Thome? Get over it, me! HE IS SORRY! I am such a grudge holder. Not even a Jim Thome statue in center field can make me feel good. In fact the statue makes me kinda grumbly since they offered him a statue to stay in Cleveland before, and he left and got a statue anyway.

But...well...3 RBI and a homer on "Let's all honor Jim Thome Day"? That's pretty sweet. I like that. I'll have Jim Thome back now, if he'll have me. Perhaps maybe in flesh only...I'll have to think on it.

Justin Masterson had a long night. He only made it through 4 2/3 but left after 100+ pitches. He gave up 3 earned runs in that time. The offense was actually giving him runs to work with! But, you can't be the ace every night and hell we scored 11 yesterday so 4 we can deal with. And that same offense gave him 2 errors while on the field too.

Even though it was a short game for him it was a good enough outing. He struck out 4 and got himself out of two big jams.

Manny said this was Masterson's last night and he ended up 12-10 with a 3.21 ERA. And we all know about his poor run support and stuff. The ERA tells the tale. Good season, Nasty.

The #bullpenmafia came in and held it up just fine. Hermann, Raffy, Smith, Pestano and Chris Perez were just like old times except Raffy gives up (a) runs now. Chris Perez got the Win! Funny.

So last night's heroes was the top of the order and tonight those guys didn't do shit. But that's ok because Thome grabbed LaPorta and Chisenhall by the ears and said "Follow me, boys!" and they did.

First off, tho, Fukudome got another hit and looks to be finishing the season with flare. Our outfield next season is going to be VERY interesting...

Kipnis, Cabrera and Duncan were silenced tonight. Weird, right?

But Jim Thome had a lot to say. We all thought he hit it out in the first, but it was "just" a double. A RBI double so that was pretty awesome. But then in the third he hit it out for real - close to where they're about to erect a statue of him - and well...well fuck yeah! He wasn't done yet, he also had an infield single. He ended the night 3 for 4 with 3 RBI and one triple away from the cycle. The radio guys and Manny Acta had a good time poking at Jim for his lack of ability to run for three.

Keep an eye on the Tom Hamilton has the Best Home Run Call in all of Baseball page because you're going to want to hear that one!

Lonnie Chisenhall and Matt LaPorta were duly inspired by Thome. The two of them had 5 hits together with Lonnie scoring 2 and Matt putting him in twice. Both guys got doubles, too - just like Big Jim! It was adorkable.

Sweet Lou was lookin' good in the field tonight, participating in a great double play to save some runs. He also went 1 for 3.

Then they pinch hit Carlos Santana for him, just as I was getting out of my bath (YOU HEARD ME!) and my roommate must of wondered why I was laughing and clapping all by myself in the bathroom. Well, dude, it's because Carlos Santana just hit a walk-off home run on the first pitch of the bottom of the 9th THAT IS WHY! Bwahahahahaha!!!

I always forget that the players are so young. Carlos Santana got so happy and he hopped in to home after his home run. Yes, hopped. We've seen him do this before...see here.

Fun times, kids. This is why we pay attention to all 162! Tomorrow we get TWO baseball games and I can't WAIT!

1:05 and 7:05 tomorrow - see you there!

Radio Chatter:
"Sunday's game set baseball back about 20 years. There were 6 errors in that game."
- Tom Hamilton on the Indians/Twins game last Sunday

"When you start mentioning Lou Boudreau and Asdrubal Cabrera in the same sentence you know you've had a good year."
- Tom Hamilton

"The key to success for a good pitcher is to be able to go to the mound when you don't have your best stuff and take care of business."
- Mike Hegan

"And why wouldn't he get an infield single? On tonight of all nights!"
- Jim Rosenhaus on Thome's single in the 5th

"We thought this would be a pitcher's duel but both teams came out swinging the bats."
- Tom Hamilton

"Good LORD, what are the Indians doing there?"
- Tom Hamilton questions Zeke throwing home instead of his cutoff man

"Tosoni went in like a running back trying to run over a linebacker."
"This is fall and I know it's Friday night but the football game is down the road."
"Tosoni did what he was supposed to do and Marson didn't budge."
- Tom Hamilton and Mike Hegan on our second out at the plate

"For Asdrubal Cabrera, trying to get a hit off Pavano is like trying to swim across the Atlantic ocean and reach land."
"Pavano knows Asdrubal is not going to get a hit and Asdrubal knows he is not going to get a hit."
- Tom Hamilton and Mike Hegan

"There are a couple of generations of fans who think the elbow is named after Tommy John. [...] Those of us in broadcasting are relived that Jarrod Saltalamachia  wasn't the first to have that surgery."
- Tom Hamilton

"It was over the outside corner but that's not a strike tonight. Al Porter is not Umping tomorrow so he doesn't care that it's a day nighter."
- Tom Hamilton

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