Saturday, September 10, 2011


I'm wondering if now that Asdrubal has seemingly hung it up for the season (hitting first and second pitches now, dude) that I need to retire "OMG ASDRUBAL!!" for now and debut a "WTF SHELLEY DUNCAN?!" sign.

Of course, that probably won't get on the big board because it's somewhat naughty. And Shelley being awesome is seemingly an every-day thing right now (like Asdrubal being awesome) but what makes it special is that it's unexpected. So you don't want to spoil the unexpected with a "professional" sign.

Carmona wasn't that bad today, for Carmona. He went 5 innings and struck out 4, only giving up 3 runs. That's do-able for a good team to overcome, especially when you're playing the White Sox who aren't the Tigers.

The #bullpenmafia had a hell of a time this afternoon. The White Sox loaded up the bases three times. Maybe four. They had 9 walks over 4 innings and 5 guys had their chance out there. They brought Chris Perez in for the 10th inning and he loaded up the bases and let a grand slam go. Oops!

Sizemore was back in today, but not leading off. Good call because he struck out 3 times. Unfortunately ol' Fukudome who DID lead off did not fare any better. Well better in that he only struck out twice but worse in that he didn't get on base in 5 tries compared to Grady's 4.

Jason Kipnis, on the other hand, is a stud and got himself a hit today. He's got 3 hits in the 3 games he's been back. No home runs yet but...give him time! He did look decent in the field today too.

Thome was in today, playing again against his old team. Standing ovation and all that. Blah Blah. But HEY! He got 2 hits!

As I alluded to, Shelley Duncan had another AWESOME game today. That is why he is playing alongside Jim Thome instead of in lieu of Jim Thome. Dude got another homer and a double today, meaning his 5th homer in the past 7 days and 10th RBI. He has more than DOUBLED his home run total for this year in just one week. Yes he has!

Lonnie is still in and he is still there making us not miss Jack Hannahan THAT much. At least not so much that we're in tears. He went 1 for 4 today and scored a run.

So Duncan got 2 of our 3 RBI and guess who showed up to get the 3rd? Matt LaPorta! He had to come up because Santana was a bit beat up so we needed a first baseman, and Shelley was already in the outfield so there you have it. He went 1 for 4 today but that one was a 1-run double! You're a sneaky one, Matt LaPorta! Not sneaky enough to score from third on a pop to shallow center, though. Remember that for next time.

Sweet Lou also went 1 for 4, and was caught stealing. He stole a base the other night and now I think he thinks he can do stuff like that.

Speaking of stolen bases, Zeke was missing today. Hmmm I hope he's not hurt...

In case you were wondering, they kept the LOB down again today. But strikeouts? 15. Gah!

Tomorrow is baseball and football, at 2 PM and 1 PM respectively. Both are on TV even, can you IMAGINE?!

My strategy will be to watch the Browns, and flip over to the Indians during breaks, then after the game listen to the radio archive. That is the plan.

I think somebody in my house is making cupcakes.

So, if you can tear yourself away from football for a few minutes we'll see you tomorrow!

Radio Chatter:
"Alex Rios and Adam Dunn are the reasons the White Sox aren't doing better than they are right now."
- Tom Hamilton

"Here's Adam Dunn. He gets booed from the moment he sticks his head out of the dugout."
- Tom Hamilton

"I tell you one thing. If a strikeout was a vrirus the Indians team would be flat on it's back. It's not just one guy, everybody has it."
- Tom Hamilton

"If Adam Dunn strikes out here he might get into his car and never come back."
- Tom Hamilton, before Adam Dunn struck out

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