Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Lou Marson Said 'Hi' To Me!

That was pretty sweet! He was warming up before the game and I had seats out by him and I'm like "HI LOU MARSON!" and he smiled and waved! Then Chris Perez came by a little while later, with some other guys, and I'm like "HI CHRIS PEREZ!" and he didn't say nothin!

I think Grady was enjoying people yapping at him from the bleachers during the game. He sorta waved at them or something.

Some older dude in a Carmona jersey came down to where I was sitting, before the game while Carmona was stretching and was all "HEY CARMONA! CARMONA! CAN YOU GET ME A BALL?!" like the starter was going to interrupt his damn stretches 5 minutes before the game to get you a ball, dude.

I think it was that guy's fault that Carmona was distracted. Boo!

But Nick Hagadone looked pretty great, striking out 3 over 2 innings and only giving up one hit. 

Oh so my "OMG ASDRUBAL!!!" sign was on the big board FOUR times tonight. I think just me, the "We are all Kipnisses" and the "BOO TIGERS!" signs, both right next to me, were the only signs in the joint. But hey, that's a good strategy. Just like last time - go on a Tuesday night and be visible. Perhaps I will finally become "a thing"!

Asdrubal was all right this game. He did about 3 sign-worthy feats! Before the game the usher told me I couldn't put my sign up during the innings, only inbetween. He was nice enough so I minded him. Well sorta. One time Asdrubal had a nice play to end the inning so I just shot right up with the sign and left it up for a bit. Another time he got a hit so I just flashed it. Same with the third time. No one in my section seemed to care so that was good.

Fukudome! What about that guy, huh? He doesn't seem to care how good or bad we're doing, he's just going to get on base, get a hit, get a home, get an RBI, whatever. Tonight he hit his third homer as an Indian compared to three as a Cub in twice as many games. Plus, he was running all over the place out there in right. Nice stuff!

Kipnis was back today! I didn't know I'd get that treat. And since he's awesome he just came right back and got a hit! He also looked mighty fine out there at 2nd.

You know what tho? They took him out - for Valbuena! No shit! The guy behind me noted that his average isn't even as much as he weighs (I suspect maybe he was a skinny guy). And then, if wonders never cease - he had both a great play AND a clutch hit! He must have felt everyone steaming at him.

So that's about it for tonight's game. Much funner being there than watching or listening, I guess. The weather was awesome. The sky was Tiger orange and blue, I swear to God!

It was sort of ominous...but no rain in sight. And I got to wear my new swanky Indians sweatshirt I bought at the last Tigers game I went to.

Unfortunately the radio archive is not available online right now and I'm not going to stick around to wait for it, so we'll have to go without radio chatter tonight.

Tomorrow is Masterson versus Verlander at noon. Just be glad there is baseball tomorrow, ok?

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