Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Just Shelley Duncan

Nothing really happened in the ball game today. Just 6 hits, 1 run. Ten whole strikeouts. The other team got 8 runs. Typical September night in Texas I guess.

Oh, except Shelley Duncan did this. And then he did this! You gotta watch those videos because they are not only good catches but he also makes a "OMG did I just catch that ball?!" face after each one! Hilarious! He not only had those clip-worth catches but he had a similar one before those and one more after!
Did I do that?

Good job saving a few runs there bud, but Huff wouldn't last much longer, keeping the balls in the park. He gave up 3 homers and 8 runs in the 4th. But 5 of those runs were un-earned because Chisenhall made an error on the third out, so the RBI single and grand slam that he gave up next didn't count as earned runs. Yay?

Durbin, Hermann and Hagadone came in for relief. Nick Hagadone had a much better night tonight than last night, so that's good.

I guess there's more that went on, other than Shelley Duncan flying around left field.

The aforementioned Lonnie Chisenhall recouped ONE of those un-earned runs he caused by hitting a solo homer. He's actually got a 7-game hitting streak with 4 home runs in those 7 games!

Trevor Crowe got his first extra-base hit of the year, a double.

"The old guard" Fukudome, Thome and Santana got hits but just singles, and they didn't amount to anything.

One more night against Texas and then we get out of that heat and head for the worst team in baseball! Yeah!

Tomorrow is Fausto versus a guy who hasn't done very well lately so we've got that going for us. Maybe they'll throw Chris Perez up there just to get him an inning or so. We need us some Pure Rage!

Back to normal time, which is to say normal for Texas time. 8:05 - see you there!

Radio Chatter:
"Duncan probably has some paint on the back of that jersey!"
- Tom Hamilton after Duncan's second wall-crashing catch

"David Huff isn't fooling anyone tonight. But [Duncan] is saving his bacon out there."
- Tom Hamilton

"Well it only got up to the mid-90s today and that's actually newsworthy."
- Tom Hamilton's comments on the weather

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