Sunday, September 16, 2012


Man what a game today! It felt like baseball all day with the score see-sawing back and forth, with the teams scoring in multiple innings, with guys getting clutch hits, close calls going our way, with a WALK OFF WIN!

This is so 2011! Woohoo!

Ubaldo was the starter and he looked GOOD! Even though the team looked shaky behind him for a bit (but just a bit). He only gave up 2 earned runs (with 1 un-earned) and went 6 whole innings. He only struck out 2 but hey he didn't hit anyone and he only walked 3 in that time which is pretty good for him. Oh and going 6 innings is pretty good for him - pair that with his last 2 starts and he's got 6 innings each.

The guy who got most touched was actually Joe Smith! Old reliable Joe! That dude hadn't given up any runs since August 20 and today he lost it to Miguel Cabrera who got a 3-run homer off him. You expect stuff like that to happen to Cabrera but not to Smith. Oh well...had to be someon!

We were behind in the 8th, but Vinnie went out there and did his thing with a 1-2-3 inning. No hits, no runs, one strikeout. Vinnie!

Esmil Rogers was the final reliever and they keep trying to groom him to be a closer and I still don't see it. Today it was reeeeeeeally close - he gave up a double, then a walk and then a wild pitch. But then he struck out Miggy and got Prince to ground out! Wat! So that was pretty awesome and I swear I caught his eye as he swaggered off the mound after the strikeout (I was at the game, wandering around). He swaggered and winked!

Did you know Prince Fielder has 0 homers at Progressive Field this year? He's only hitting .179 here. Cool.

There were a lot of close plays at first that went our way today. Not sure if it was sloppy playing or sloppy umpiring but whatever. Our turn!

ALMOST everyone hit today but everyone did get on base. Brantley was the lone no-hitter but he walked twice - once intentional.

Choo only went 1 for 5 but his single was a 2-RBI single! CHOOOOOOOO!

Kipnis was 1 for 4 with a walk and a double. He also scored a run. He didn't steal any bases today, what's up with that?

Asdrubal is still in, which is good because I couldn't stand all the crummy short-stopping in his absence. And his wrist must be feeling good cuz he went 2 for 4 with a walk today. And he stole a base! And he scored 2 runs! I didn't even have my sign...but it worked out because he managed without it, and I would have had a hard time following the kid around the park with my sign (it's big).

Carlos Santana - once again let me reiterate how key his bat is!! Today he went 3 for 5 with his second triple of the year and uh his second triple IN TWO GAMES! How does that even happen?? He got 2 RBI on the day and his second tied the game. He also scored a run and it was the winning run in the 9th!

Brantley was all patience today and he walked once, and in the 9th with Santana at 3rd and 1 out the Tigers wisely wisely walked him. He's not the sort of guy to go 0 for 4 so statistics showed he was going to get a hit. Or heck, a sac fly. They didn't let him.

Russ Bus Canzler had a good night going 2 for 3 with an RBI and a run. And he only played half the game! Zeke came in for him later, and he was intentionally walked in the 9th after Brantley to load the bases. I have no idea why they'd walk a young guy who's batting .245 with 2 homers to face an equally young guy who's batting .275 but that's what they did.

Here's what Lonnie did!

Awesome job, Lonnie! He also had beaten out a throw at first that resulted in both an RBI and the tossing of Jim Leyland. I wonder if Jim Leyland would have made the call to pitch to Chiz instead of Zeke? Perhaps Lonnie was setting up his own fate!
Lonnie Baseball - You built this!
Casey Kotchman was out there doin' stuff today. He went 1 for 3 but nothing to show for it. However his departure gave a chance for 3 other dudes to play, including Matt LaPorta who tried desperately to commit suicide by wall and railing not once but TWICE in one inning. During one guy's at-bat. It was almost as bad as Alex Avila trying to commit suicide by Fielder. Ouch!

Let us not forget our man Hannahan, who had his at-bat music switched up slightly at least for his first at-bat. Instead of his usual Celtic jig it was some country song about being a dirty hillbilly or something. No joke! It went back to normal after that, and he went 2 for 3 on the day.

Thirteen hits and five walks and a walk-off win! And I was there! It was JW's first game. Get 'em JW!

Don't forget that if you have a tyke - or anyone, really - who is attending their first game that you can go to Fan Services (Sections 108, 153 or the secret one we found at 550) and get yourself a First Game Certificate. With your name on it and everything!

Since the kid is only 2 and not going to be sitting for any length of time, I got a chance to check out the whole kid's area in the middle concourse. Not bad...the Kids Clubhouse is extremely well-stocked with all the best from Step 2 including this blue climbing post thingy that kids can climb up like Spider Man. And they stick to it too. I can't find it anywhere online so I have determined it's a Step 2 prototype!

Anyway after we did all the kids' junk we wandered downstairs and towards the exit but luckilly the rest of my crew decided it'd be ok if we popped down into the 160s to catch the end of the game. JW had a good time playing with the seats and clapping along with John Adams so it worked out. Oh and then I got to see the big win from right up close! Ballgame!

Great game and great to see that we still "got it" when it comes to the Tigers. Nice to see we can still beat a team we've been beating all year and it was extra-special with the come-from-behind win!

Tomorrow is an OFF day and I couldn't be happier because I am worn out from a long weekend and also sick with The Crud. Not sure if I got it from being outdoors at night or being around a ton of children.

Tuesday is a 7:05 game, at home, against the Twins. David Huff (yay!) versus RHP (6.07) OH YEAH!!!

See you there!

Radio Chatter:
"This is going to be one of those one-sided conversations we all had when we were young, with mom or dad where you just stand there and go 'Yes sir, yes ma'am, yep, nope.'"
- Tom Hamilton on Acta's visit to the mound in the first inning with bases loaded

"This is the story of the year for Ubaldo Jiminez. He gave up a 30-foot single. Even when you make a good pitch, it doesn't seem that Jiminez gets rewarded."
- Tom Hamilton

"Lonnie Chisenhall has been one of the season's most pleasant surprises in the month of September, according to Manny Acta."
- Tom Hamilton

"Whatever Casey Kotchman gives you offensively is certainly a bonus."
- Tom Hamilton YES!

"Once again the schedule-maker did not major in geography."
- Tom Hamilton is not a fan of the MLB schedule-maker

"This is another thing you can file under 'That's baseball, don't try to figure it out.' If you do, get back to us."
- Tom Hamilton on how Jiminez could be doing better than Porcello

"Well if he isn't the best player in baseball, then go watch badminton."
- Tom Hamilton on Miggy's 3-run homer to take the lead

"LaPorta has played here in the 9th inning only and one batter, and has taken more shots than some NFL running backs."
- Tom Hamilton in the 9th

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