Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Losing the Battle for the Bottom

It was a fun game and there were 3 extra innings, but the boys couldn't get it done and now we're tied for last place (or 4th place!) with the Twins.

I'm sick and I'm working late and I don't feel like doing this right now so here's the quickest of quick rundowns.

Huff started instead of Jeanmar. He only did marginally better than Jeanmar would have - 3 earned runs in 4 2/3.

After him, the relief started. And we broke some sort of franchise record by using 9 relievers. Kind of sucks that we had to dig that deep in September, against the other worst team in baseball, and still not win, but there you go. Seddon, Herrmann, Allen, Barnes, Pestano, Perez, Smith, Rogers, Maine. Only 7 strikeouts between all of them.

Kipnis and Santana had good nights, each going 2 for 6. Santana had a homer in the 12th and it was too little too late. It made the score 6-5 Minnesota. Tom Hamilton could not have been more unimpressed. It was crazy scary how he called that homer...like if I was his kid I would be hiding under the covers right now waiting for dad to get home and break all my toys.

The Chiz Kid had a big big homer in the 2nd. His 5th in 32 games. Puts him on pace for 25 this year! If he played 162, that is.

Russ Canzler has 15 hits in 15 games this year. Pretty neat.

Matt LaPorta. People get really mad at him. He did this last year too - happy, game-changing stuff followed by a game or two of huge disappointments from his glove or bat. From what they say though, no one is more upset by this trend than Matt LaPorta.

Tomorrow's game is at 7:05, and it's McAllister versus RHP (6.14). This cat has ZERO WINS and 7 losses. OMG we must be winning tomorrow's game!

Also - I am going to batting practice, for the 5th time now. Actually I have anticipated going to batting practice 4 other times, and shown up for batting practice one time, but every time it has been rained out or cancelled. So now I feel like I am a batting practice pro and I go all the time so really no big deal. Of course when I get ON the field I will be nearly peeing myself with anticipation. I'll take my camera, hopefully get some good pics. Also taking some baseball cards and pens. I'm not taking OMG ASDRUBAL that'd be weird.But I hope I meet him! Should I wear my Kipnis t-shirt? Hmm...

Ok everybody dream about sunny skies and my nose clearing up. Won't it be awesome if I give Russ Canzler a cold? Yeah.

Radio Chatter:
"If this was Broadway, his show could close after opening night if he keeps pitching like this."
- Tom Hamilton on PJ Walters

"And the Twins will get another pinch runner. Well, when you have eighty thousand players on the rosters, you can make any kind of move."
- Tom Hamilton

"This is where Carlos Santana needs to realize that less is more. You don't need a home run here, just a routine fly ball will end this game."
- Tom Hamilton

"If you made it to the 10th, first and third with nobody out, and didn't score - then frankly you don't deserve to win."
- Tom Hamilton is talking about the Tribe

"Boy that loss to the Indians on Sunday may haunt Detroit deep into the winter months."
- Tom Hamilton

"No team in the American League gives up more runs on 2 outs than the Cleveland Indians."
- Tom Hamilton

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