Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Return of the Chiz

Today you get a song with your blog post because a background song is going to make this short post more exciting, and an embedded video is going to make it display longer. Play.

Lonnie Chisenhall is back! He's back to rock the show, apparently. There were only 3 hits by Indians in the game today and one was a homer by The Chiz Kid! He got 1/3 of the hits, 1/3 of the walks, scored 1/2 of the runs and hit 1/2 of the RBI tonight. Ha!

If you don't remember, he got beaned in the hand, or rather, in the bone just above his hand. That was June 29 - just 73 days ago - and he has had surgery, had a plate and some screws placed, healed up and gotten back into playing order in that time. It was his 4th homer of the year, in the 24 games he's played. He's here vying for the 3rd base spot and I gotta say the kid has heart!

Justin Masterson pitched today. He gave up 6 earned runs but at least he went 6 2/3 innings. Still...blah. I said he needed to hold them and I was right, cuz our offense was all "Wut?" He left the game with 5 runs (and only 3 runs going in to the 7th) but he left a dude on base and Scott Maine made his second appearance to let the dude score.

Frank Herrmann came in for the 8th and he gave up a home run. Bad Frank.

Cousin Michael got a hit because, hey man, it's no big deal for him.

Russ Canzler didn't get a hit. That's a bummer - no longer 100% for games in September.

Brent Lillibridge is the other guy with a hit, because no one expects Brent Lillibridge!

The other run was scored by a Choo walk, Brantley's single and a sac fly by Santana.

That was the ballgame today. We're tied for last place now. We go on to play Texas and they go on to play Kansas City. We do meet the Twins one more time so hopefully by then we're ready to crawl up their backs and land in 4th place alone. Yeah.

Tomorrow we're IN Texas so it's another 8:05 start. Ubaldo versus LHP (3.37). Yikes.

I'll see you there anyway.

Radio Chatter:
"It's a thing of beauty to see all of the people in their mid-70s in colorful shirts, bright white socks and shorts."
- Tom Hamilton on the people of Minneapolis

"The Indians should be losing the rest of the year. I can say that - nobody else can say that."
- Tom Hamilton on the 2013 draft

"The last thing in the world they need is to be no-hitted by somebody named Sam Deduno."
- Tom Hamilton

"The Indians lineup tonight has combined to hit 55 home runs. Justin Morneau and Josh Willingham have hit 52."
- Tom Hamilton

"The worst defense in the American League - you'd never know it when they play the Indians."
- Tom Hamilton

"The way he laid out there, it looked like a sniper hit him."
"Now watch him take off for third."
"The way some of these guys go...they're headed straight for Broadway."
- Tom Hamilton and Jim Rosenhaus

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