Friday, September 14, 2012

At Least We Had Fireworks!

Today's game was Kluber versus Verlander and to be honest I wasn't feeling all "Ooooh, Verlander! No chance to win against him!" because that's baloney - we win against that chump all the time!

But, not this particular team. Not the team without Asdrubal or Brantley. The team from Columbus. They actually did sort of look like they might pull it off a few times but it wasn't meant to be.

I tell you what though - Corey Kluber, he didn't do too bad. Yeah 4 runs in 5 innings but they were runs given up to a team in the playoff hunt where the top 4 guys hit over .300. As you've seen with all of our starters, it could have been worse. Much worse! So I give Kluber a gold star for his effort tonight. He struck out 5 in his 5 innings and only walked too.

Frankly I think the defense was fairly weak during his innings, too. Maybe they were weak the whole game but the first two innings just seemed like the guys were asleep out there. Absolutely no hustle. It felt like Kluber wasn't giving up hits, the infield was.

Chris Seddon came in for long relief in the 6th. He had two solid innings (after 3 solid scoreless innings by Kluber) with 3 strikeouts and no hits! Frank Herrmann came in and did the same (well, 2 strikeouts) and closed out the game. He's given up 9 runs in 8 games since he's been back so clearly that was a fantastic outing by Herrmann!

We only had 6 hits tonight and 2 walks (same number of walks our guys gave up, ha!) Choo, Santana, Kotchman and LaPorta all got hits. Lonnie Chisenhall got TWO hits because he's just a stud!

Santana and Chiz got doubles.

Nothing really to write home about when it comes to our hitting tonight. It was no good - we had 8 left on base. Three times we had men in scoring position and couldn't score. Ouch ouch ouch ouch!

BUT! I finally got to go to a game with my little dude SMac. He was so excited! So was I!

Poor kid was really just there to sing The Baseball Song ("Take Me Out To The Ballgame") and see fireworks. The baseball he had to sit through was sort of incidental to his enjoyment. Thank goodness he's only 2.5 years old and isn't capable of feeling sadness with regards to a sports team. Can you imagine having to take on the knowledge of what this team has become this year when you can barely grasp the alphabet? Inconceivable!

He did get some good snacks and I gave him one of those "It's Tribe Time Now" towels. And we accidentally caught a shirt from the Fun Bunch. And his dad made a swell sign about "Chief Woo-Hoo" which is what SMac calls the mascot. He didn't cry once, and neither did I!

The people behind us were sort of hinky and obnoxious. The kids had too much sugar and the adults seemed to be under the impression that we were in a trailer park and not a baseball stadium. But, whatever - it takes all kinds! The funny part is that for however much we were annoyed with the folks behind us, the folks in front of us were just as annoyed by us. It's a tight fit up there in the upper deck, is what I'm saying.

And then afterwards, the fireworks.

All in all an enjoyable experience and I highly recommend taking the opportunity to take a kid to the ballpark these remaining few weeks. It's not too crowded, it's not too hot and it makes the experience of the loss much more palatable when you know that at least your little buddy had a good time!

Tomorrow is more Tigers. Justin Masterson versus RHP (4.40). We actually have a chance to win this one, in my opinion, if Masterson can keep his shit together. Also, my brother just added RHP 4.40 to his fantasy team and plans to start him so it stands to reason that he's going to have an awful, awful game. Don't you think?

I'll be late tomorrow as I've got a date at the Little Gym during the game. But I'll catch it on the late-late.

See you there!

(No Radio Chatter, if you couldn't tell - I was at the game not listening to the radio!)

Oh, by the way, today I found out that Choo's new intro music is Gangnam Style, the Korean dance sensation that I suggested back on August 9. I don't know when he changed it - I haven't been able to tell from the radio, plus they've been out of town for a while. But well done, Choo! I even saw a guy doing "the dance" in the stands - not sure if it was live or taped at a previous game but WELL DONE to that guy, too! Heeeeeey sexy lady!

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