Saturday, September 1, 2012

Epic First

Wow, 4 runs in the first inning and they were all scored by the Indians! And not in answer to 4 runs by the other team!

WINNING! Yeah, the Tribe is 1-0 in September. We can rejoice for a few, minutes, I'm down with that!

Jeanmar wasn't too bad if you consider giving up fewer than 4 runs in 5 innings not bad for an Indians pitcher (I do.)  But he did give up 2 homers in those 5 2/3 innings, and he gave up 10 homers in the 15 other games he pitched this season, so I would say he's got a problem with giving up homers. THEN AGAIN...if a dude who has a problem giving up homers only gives up 2 homers to the Texas Rangers, who am I to complain? We'll give Jeanmar the nod as being welcome back to try to wow us again. And good thing I approve because he's already scheduled to cover for Hernandez's next start.

Joe Smith came in to finish the 6th and then the entire 7th. And it was good.

Just so you know, Chris Perez isn't missing or dead or in trouble. He was out because his wife had a baby girl today (Saturday) and he was on paternity leave. It has been pretty well-known over the past year or so when a guy was on paternity leave so I don't know why everyone was kept in the dark about Perez, but there it was.

Being that Perez was away, Acta had to switch up his setup-closer strategy. Sucks, because when was the last time we were ahead by 1 in the 8th and needed the services of PestanoPerez? It's been a while!

So they had Esmil Rogers come in for the 8th (not Cody Allen?) and he gave up a hit but got 2 out, including Josh Hamilton. Then it was time for Vinnie to mop up, which he did, holding Beltre to just a single and then getting Nelson Cruz to fly out.

The 9th inning seemed to take forever for Vinnie. He threw 24 pitches. But he is not known as a 1-2-3 guy so he took it in stride and got 2 ground outs and a strikeout around the one single he gave up.

Great team effort from the staff to hold on to this one! I mean, this is the friggin Rangers! I mentioned yesterday they average 5 runs per game so holding them to 3 is great!

The offense...I dunno. They seemed kind of lucky today. Lucky that the pitchers were all over it, because while they put on a great show in the first inning with 4 hits and a walk, over the next 8 innings they managed only 3 more hits and no walks, no hit-by-pitches even.

They did manage to finish the game in 2 hours and 38 minutes!

Choo is still in the leadoff spot and he's sort of making Kipnis look like a fool right now - his 2 games back now he's gone 4 for 7 with a walk. Obviously that lineup spot was meant to be for Choo and it couldn't turn Kipnis around like it did him. On his hit in the 5th, Choo stole 2nd but nothing came of it. Ho-hum.

Kipnis was hitting second, though, and he did get a double and score a run, The whole top of the order was where it was at, today, which isn't too bad. You of course want your top of the order to be the better half as that's where you put your good guys! Lately it's been sparse - a mix of top and bottom - or even just the bottom.

Carlos Santana was moved up to the third spot (Asdrubal is out while they bring new guys in, and also I think he's got a wrist thing going on) and why not? He has been hotter than Asdrubal but not as hot as Brantley so that's a good place for him. And he delivered today with a 2-run single in the first after Choo's walk and Kipnis's double. That was it, though - he went 1 for 4 on the night. But he has gotten 3 RBI over his last 2 games!

Brantley also went 1 for 4, with a single in the epic first inning, and he came around to score.

Big Russ Canzler was DH today. He's pretty much Hafner-sized. He proved himself by going 2 for 4, also getting a hit in said epic first and also coming around to score!

After that, tho, that's it. Kotchman and Hannahan DID manage to get sac flies to score Brantley and Canzler in that first inning, so they played a role. But that's it. Only 3 other hits and no more runs.

Tomorrow has got to be better at the plate. Hoping that a Sunday game at home after beating the best team in the league will be a nice shot in the arm. Also I think we'll see another new guy as well as Canzler. It could be epic again!

Tomorrow is McAllister versus LHP (4.90). I don't know what to think anymore, really, so I'll just say the game is at 1:05 and I'll see you there!

Radio Chatter:
"The month of August was historical for the Indians, and not in the way you want it to be."
- Tom Hamilton

"If Beltre doesn't get it, it's a hit."
- Tom Hamilton on Beltre's error

"When you have lost 6 in a row and 15 out of 16, you're going to manage a little differently."
- Tom Hamilton on Acta bringing in Smith

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