Friday, September 7, 2012

Talk About TWINS!

Yes we won tonight. Woohoo! But boy, did those Twins remind you of someone? Like, ten someones? A starter one inning and one run shy of a quality start, relievers who can't not give up runs, errors and bad plays that lead to runs, having the lead and turning around to give it right back?

Yeah, I can identify with the people of Minnesota tonight. Their team is just one "something" shy of what our team is. Or, their team is what our team was for the entirety of August. Yech.

Oh speaking of starters who can't cut the mustard, enter Jeanmar Gomez again. Didn't look good. He went 3 and gave up 4 runs. Didn't give up any homers, though! He struck out 3 and walked 3.

Enter David Huff. Remember him? I happened upon his name in the roster the other day and was all "Oh yeah, why not David Huff?" Manny must have had the same thought because Huff was called upon for the role of long relief. He was all "Sounds good!" and then put down 10 dudes in a row, striking out 4 in 3 1/3 innings. WAT?! We have a long reliever?! Dude got the win, which is exactly how it should have been.

For some reason they took him out in the 6th to let Smith finish. Not that we don't love Smith but he didn't look one ounce as good as Huff. He gave up a hit and a walk in his 2/3 of an inning. But Joe being Joe, no runs scored.

Different story for Vinnie and Perez, though. Not sure why they were having problems but they gave up doubles and RBIs in the 8th and 9th to give us a super-close win instead of a safe one. If you didn't know, Chris Perez is talkin' again. He hopefully has all the fans on his side this time - after all, he's saying the stuff they are saying. Let's just hope the owners take his words as a challenge to be better and not don't take it as a sign that he doesn't want to play for us. (I am making the most screwed-up face right now.)

So what did the bats do today? CHOOOOOO was their leader, going a sweet 3 for 5 with an RBI. He may have ended his little streak yesterday but he made up for it with his first 3-hit game since [scans logs...scanning...scanning...] JUNE 30!! Dang!

Kipnis still has his swagger and is now 6/6 getting hits in September. He "only" went 1 for 4 with a double but he walked and scored 2 runs. Oh also did you know he had 27 steals? Yeah totally tied for 6th in the AL! He also got caught stealing today but only on paper because he caused an error and got to stay on the base and eventually got home. Dirtbag!

Asdrubal was patient enough tonight not to get hits but to get THREE walks. He went 0 for 2.

Carlos Santana, who has also been hot for September, suddenly was not. Tonight he went 0 for 5 and left 8 on base. You heard me! Eight!

Cousin Michael Brantley's reputation preceded him  and the Twins intentionally walked him twice. He didn't disappoint their scouts and otherwise went 2 for 3 with the go-ahead RBI and scored 2 runs. How is he only hitting .287? He's also hot for September, hitting in each of the 5 games he's been in. Oh and 3 RBI.

O HAI RUSS CANZLER! Welcome to our club! He's been not disappointing thus far but today he was WOW. He went 3 for 4 with a 2-run homer and 3 RBI on the night. He still left 3 on base, so don't feel too bad Carlos Santana...Anyway, I think he was a good trade for Hafner. We didn't trade Hafner, but he's doing what Hafner was doing this year and he is only going to get better (yes he is!) He's hitting .400 right now, only 5 games into his career here of course but he's also hit in all 5 games. Not just 5 hits, oh no - 8 hits and a homer.


Casey Kotchman finally got a hit. Whew! He had a fine/decent/not too bad August but he has NOT hit in September! Oops! Well he not only got a single today but it was an RBI single so there we go! Maybe he's on the "awesome September" bandwagon now too?

It was a Columbus tag team out in left field today, starting with Other Vinny Rottino (0-3) then PH by Cord Phelps who went 0-0 but not before walking in a run. Then he was not to be trusted in the field so they brought in Zeke who went 0-1. Shelley coulda done all that...note that it takes 3 men to replace one Shelley!

Hannahan was on display today as his people are all from St. Paul (not Minneapolis, mind you) and he did not let mom and dad and cousin Jack down (you know he has a cousin Jack, and probably a cousin Patrick too)! He went 2 for 5 with a double and scored a run! Nothing earth-shattering on the field but it's the Twins, they're not going to just get one by you at third.

Not only did we get 12 hits and 7 runs today but we were back to having a ton of walks (8) which is something we were known for at the beginning of the season.

Of course somehow it felt like we won only because the Twins lost. Does it feel like that to anyone else or am I being a defeatist? Seven runs is nothing to scoff at but they did end up getting 6...

Whatever. Tomorrow is a 7:10 game, early in Minnesota. Zach McAllister versus RHP (4.41) It's going to be on WKYC and I am going to miss it. Of course. But I am having a bonfire for my niece to see and my mom's birthday so at least I get that in return!

I'll see you there - eventually!

Radio Chatter:
"Someone out there is going to get a ball to the back of the coconut in some game, the way that ball bounces off the limestone."
- Tom Hamilton

"The Indians have their second hit and you can hear some of the family down below cheering."
- Tom Hamilton on Hannahan's hit (he's from Minnesota)

"At least she's not saying 'Hey Rosebud, I'm flying to Tokyo.'"
- Tom Hamilton talking about Jim Rosenhaus's wife being able to go to a big mall right here in America

"You would never expect a guy like Jason Kipnis to have this kind of year on the bases."
- Tom Hamilton - I KNO, RITE?!

"There's one out for Carlos Santana, who has left a small village on base tonight."
- Tom Hamilton

"You're just putting a giant bullseye on your chest if you come out and lay an egg tonight."
- Tom Hamilton on Chris Perez

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