Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Manny Takes The Kids to Texas

It was actually a pretty good game today, with the Tribe coming back to get within 2 runs in the 8th. And Jiminez not totally breaking down. And Justin Morneau not being there.

Ubaldo went 5 innings and only gave up 2 runs, striking out 4. Unfortunately for him (and all of us, really), there were 2 errors behind him that resulted in 2 runs and oh yeah, a wild pitch for a run too. He actually just had that one bad inning where 4 scored. He didn't give up any in the first inning, or any more until the 5th when Beltre squeaked a solo homer over the wall.

Cody Allen came in for the 6th and his magic is gone - he gave up a run in the 6th and then left 2 on for Barnes in the 7th. Barnes got the last 2 outs, and then Joe Smith came in to seal the deal in the 8th.

The lineup definitely tried its hardest, but it couldn't overcome the two runs it had given up on errors. Choo, Kipnis and Santana led off and the rest of the card were kids from Columbus (and Brent Lillibridge, who is just the new guy). Manny did use everyone, though - Brantley came in for his first pinch hitting of the year, Hannahan and Kotchman made appearances as did Chisenhall, Cord Phelps and Vinny Rottino!

Choo led the boys off going 0 for 3 but with 2 walks and a run scored. That's 5 runs scored in September for him with 11 hits and 8 walks in his 8 games in September!

Kipnis had a great night going 2 for 3 with a walk. He didn't leave any guys on base but unfortunately no one was around for him to bat in! He's also got 11 hits in September (in 9 games) with 5 walks, and has been on base every day this month!

Asdrubal is still out with a sore hand, so Santana was 3rd. He was SHUT DOWN today though, yeesh. Dude left 5 on base.

Russ Canzler was back to hitting every day, after missing just one day by being shut out yesterday. Today he went 1 for 4 with a RBI and 2 runs scored! Except he totally fucked up a play at first and a run scored so that sucked big time.

Matt LaPorta was finally a difference-maker today! He went 1 for 3 with a huuuge RBI double. They also remarked that he had a lot of really good at-bats. Go Matt - do it again tomorrow!

He was pinch hit by Lonnie in the 8th, who got a big walk to keep the inning going.

Lillibridge went 0 for 2 but he did walk and came around to score. The oldest of old men, Kotchman (actually, younger than Choo) batted for Brent in the 8th and got an RBI single! Very exciting, the most exciting moment in Indians' baseball since like June.

Jason Donald was in at 3rd, because I guess maybe Lonnie isn't fully recovered. Bad move...he had 2 errors. He's a scrappy guy but sometimes his head is just not in the game and he is sloppy as hell. Sometimes, very tight. Today was not one of those times. He did go 1 for 3 but no runs and no RBI. Brantley came in to bat for him and it almost, almost seemed like a sure thing. But it was not to be.

Thomas Neal was back, this time playing left. He got on base by fielder's choice! Cord Phelps pinch hit for him and he was shut down too.

Zeke was batting 9th, as he is the experienced newbie, and he ended up going 1 for 4 with an RBI!

All these dozens of guys (ok, a dozen) got together to get 4 runs but it wasn't enough to overcome the 6 that Texas got. Josh Hamilton was 0 for 4 though, cool!

Tomorrow is more Texas, more Central Time and hopefully more Tom Hamilton (he was out today!) It's Jeanmar versus RHP (4.36) but that is a very deceptive 4.36 and we'll really be lucky to get 4 runs is what I think. But hey, baseball!

No Radio Chatter tonight because there wasn't much to write down as Hamilton was out (they didn't specify). HOWEVER, he has made it to the second round of voting for the 2013 Ford C. Frick awards given by the Baseball HOF. You gotta go to the Baseball HOF Voting Page on Facebook and Like the HOF (which, come on, you know you do!) and then you can vote for Hammy to make it through to the top 10 and the final ballot.

Do it!

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