Monday, September 3, 2012

The Devil You Know

What is it that makes it seemingly so easy for the Indians to beat the Tigers this year? On paper they are very good. Their record agrees with the paper. We have losing streaks encompassing some of the worst teams in baseball this year but yet are 8 and 5 over the Tigers so far. Huh.

It's almost like they try that extra bit harder against Detroit, because the fans call for it. Just like the Browns and Steelers. I hope that's not true, though - because they need to be trying that extra bit harder EVERY DAY.

It does seem that they feel the most comfortable against the Tigers. The Tigers are the devil they know.

Corey Kluber got his first win today yay! He also had a quality start! He went 6 and only gave up 2 runs off 6 hits, with 4 strikeouts. He looked so sharp!

Cody Allen, Esmil Rogers and Vinnie Pestano were the lucky three tapped to hold the game. And they did! They gave up one walk and one hit between them. No runs! Only two strikeouts in their 3 innings but whatever. Vinnie was total closer material today, too. He only had a 1-run lead and he did what he usually does in the 8th, and shut them down.

The relievers had some key help from the defense today! Rogers and Pestano at least. Good stuff!
Sad Kipnis no more!
Since we actually had a chance to beat these Tigers (unlike the Rangers), Manny wasn't messing around with the lineup today. No n00bs, just Real Men today. Well and Russ Canzler who might as well be Travis Hafner.

Choo back at leadoff (they had Donald in there when Choo was sitting). He went 1 for 2 with THREE WALKS! Leadoff gold or what?? Thanks to being on base so much, he was able to come around to score one of our 3 runs. Oh and he stole a base too. Fighting!

Kipnis had a grrrrrreat day going 2 for 5 and scampering home on a passed ball to score our first run. And of course the aforementioned 150% effort play! He has hit in the last 3 games (all in September) and has 5 hits in 13 at-bats.

OMG ASDRUBAL!!! Ok not a home run but big big things today for him. He did not swing at crap, or when he did it was to stay alive and foul one off. Well his first at-bat he flew out on the third pitch but then he had a 12-pitch at-bat which resulted in a RBI single. Then his next at-bat he got 5 pitches and a single, then he waited another 5 pitches for a RBI sac fly. He went 2 for 3 today with 2 RBI! Not bad for a dude who hasn't had a hit since last TUESDAY.

Dr. Smooth was on duty, going 1 for 4 today. Canzler also went  1 for 4 so he's got 4 hits in his 12 at-bats as an Indian. Oddly enough, nobody hit for extra bases today. However, we had 4 stolen bases which was a season high for the team, effectively giving us 4 doubles, but leaving the pitcher more rattled. Ha!

Kotchman was the only guy who didn't get a hit today, which is a bummer because I really wanted to add to the collection and Kotchman is so sort-of reliable. Oh well.

Other than Choo it was Zeke, Lillibridge (PH for Hannahan in the 7th) and Sweet Lou who all had stolen bases to go with their singles. I like that Lillibridge, I do. He genuinely seems happy to be an Indian. And he seems way too scrawny to ever have been a Tiger. Just seeing him chatting with Miggy seemed awkward!

We won without Carlos Santana's hot bat. What do you think about that? I imagine he'll be in tomorrow with Lou sitting. Canzler seems to be keeping the heat up during his transition into the bigs. Although I guess it comes down to who catches Masterson better, Santana or Lou? If it's Lou we'll see Santana at first I'm sure.

Who cares - it's baseball and we looked good today and we could look good tomorrow too! It's Justin Masterson versus RHP (4.57). Masterson knows his place against the Tigers, and his place is to at least give us the Tigers this year. So I have a feeling he'll handle it with aplomb and we'll be left shaking our heads saying "Why can't he pitch like this every 5 days??"

Back to normal 7:05 - I'll see you there!

Oh no Radio Chatter today, like I said. I watched the game on TV without the radio as I watched my niece buzz around the house. Afterwards I did this:

Hope this makes up for it!

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