Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Playing Good Baseball At This Juncture

Really, I don't know what it is with the Tribe versus the Tigers this year but there you go. We've won another one and knocked the Tigers deeper down out of first and boosted ourselves higher up out of last. We've won the series already, the first time we've won a series since July. WE'VE WON 3 OF 4 GAMES IN SEPTEMBER!

Yeah, you can play this song during this post. Eff Subway for appropriating it for their commercials!

Justin Masterson was superb today, which I predicted (with my fingers crossed!) because there's just no way he could be that bad that consistently. I mean, that's one thing the Indians' pitchers lack - consistency! He had a quality start (that's 2 in a row from our starters!) going 6 innings and striking out 4, only giving up 4 hits and 2 runs. The only runs were a 2-run homer by Cabrera (cuz that what he do).

After that we got treated to The Good Bullpen, with a pit stop at Scott Barnes. Barnes isn't bad he just has a high ERA and is not Smith-Pestano-Perez. He got through one batter then Leyland did some righty-lefty dancing and Smith came in to replace him. Smith was a little nutty, losing a batter to an error then hitting a guy but it worked out with no hits and no runs.

Pestano came back to his "normal" role and pitched the 8th. He loved it so much he went 1-2-3, no messing around. Then, as I predicted (to my brother and my 3-year-old niece) Perez came back from paternity leave and threw a 1-2-3 inning, striking out 2 and getting a ground out. I'll admit I thought he'd strike out the side but I was close enough for horseshoes!

Pitching was great, and it really was needed today because while batting wasn't abysmal, they weren't able to score tons of runs. Of course this has been the trend all year and it's lucky nights like this night when everything comes together and we eke out a few runs while holding the other team to even fewer.

Choo is still on a tear. Yeah ok he only went 1 for 5 today but he's got a 5-game hitting streak going on. He got his 37th double today and thanks to that, he was able to score on Asdrubal's ground-rule double.

Kipnis only went 1 for 5 but whatever - keep hitting! Be happy!

Speaking of tears - Asdrubal! Still having fun! He went 2 for 3 last night with 2 RBI and 2 for 4 tonight with one more! The top of the order is getting back into their May mode, that's for sure.

Santana's got a 4-game hitting streak and check it out - multi-hit game for him, win for us! Ok that theory hasn't been working well in the last month but whatever, it's nice when it works out. He also had a walk giving him 11 hits and 5 walks in his last 10 games!

Cousin Michael was keepin' it real today, with his RBI double (36) and two walks. He ended up going 1 for 2 tonight - .500 on the night! He also came around to score after getting that RBI. Of course!

Canzler was in as the left fielder today and he went 1 for 4. Hmm...Hafner replacement, Shelley replacement but yet I still dig the guy. So far. Oh yeah because he's also a Damon replacement yay!

Kotchman went 0 for 4 again. Nuts.

Hannahan is still there grinding it out, going 1 for 4 with a run. But he made his 11th error of the year today. He made just 5 last year. I'm sad that he's in a decline this year because I don't see him lasting through next year.

Marson went 0 for 3 but he did get a walk. The bottom half of the order wasn't really in it to win it today but whatcha gonna do?

Get out your brooms, tomorrow we go for the SWEEP. That'd be super fun! It's Ubaldo versus RHP (3.67). We need the pitching to step up again in a big way. Do it, and it's ours.

See you there!

PS Happy birthday Brian

Radio Chatter:
"Once again for the Tigers, pretty much their offense is Miguel Cabrera and Prince Fielder."
- Tom Hamilton

"If the Yankees don't end up in first place this year about 12 people will get fired."
- Tom Hamilton

"It may not be the worst thing in the world making hitters uncomfortable, throwing inside."
- Jim Rosenhaus after Smith hit Avilla

"You hate to rob Peter to pay Paul. If you start trading guys like Perez those are trades you must hit on."
- Tom Hamilton saying things I DO NOT WANT to hear

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