Thursday, September 27, 2012

This Must Suck For You

I'm sorry, Chicago, but this is not how a first place, playoff team plays in September. Well, I mean, you weren't the team with the errors but you got fewer hits than the last place team that just beat you, and you gave up 12 walks. TWELVE!

And, Chicago...we even gave you Justin Masterson! Who has the ability to implode at any moment. Now, you did take advantage of him slightly in the first when he threw 34 pitches and you scored 3 runs but that was it! Wow! He went 3 2/3 more innings and you only scored one more run and got 4 more hits. Tsk!

Frank Herrmann, who is awesome lately (well, forever) was up next and finished the 5th then got 2 in the 6th. Sipp pitched one out - three pitches - to end the 6th and got the win. HA! I wish we only needed him to pitch 3 pitches every game - we'd win a lot more!

Then we got the Perfect Ending only...well, sans Vinnie. Still testing out Esmil Rogers, I guess. Smith, Rogers and Perez pitched the last three and managed to give up 0 runs. It's pretty sad when Youk grounds into a double play and then Paul Konerko pops out to end a game. That's pretty shitty, Chicago!

Our boys were apparently all about patience today. They saw 217 pitches which was 45 more than Chicago saw. The average is 146! We got 12 walks out of that - and Carlos Santana got 2 almost-grand-slams, too.

The game was 3 hours 44 minutes long tonight.  We prolonged their misery!

Top of the order not as solid tonight BUT that's only because Asdrubal left after the first with a pulled muscle. Dammit dammit dammit, Brent Lillibridge. Who had another error, by the way.

Choo extended his streak to 7 games, with his 40th double of the year. He came around to score after that. Later on he got a force out for a RBI. A little light in the on-base for him today but whatever - RBI!

Kipnis extended his in-Chicago hitting streak to 11 games this year, and his current hitting streak to 9. He went 1 for 3 tonight with 3 walks! Three! I guess he can wait aaaalll night. He then went on to steal his 29th and 30th base (woohoo!) and his hit was a 2-run single. Love that Kid!

From @Indians:
With 2 SB's tonight, @TheJK_Kid becomes 4th Indian over last 25 seasons w/ 10+ HR, 80+ R, 70+ RBI, 30+ SB; joins RAlomar/Lofton/Sizemore

Santana also had the patience bug today and HE walked 3 times. One of them was an RBI walk after 12 pitches, with him crushing a couple of foul balls. That's right, with the bases loaded. I actually think it's quite a huge leap into maturity when a guy can crush two foul balls within feet of being grand slams, then go on to take the walk. Big, big turning point, Santana!

ERMAHGERD RUSS CANZLER!!! All right, so he didn't get a home run tonight (as he did the last 2 nights) but he still went 2 for 4 with an RBI and is batting .307 with 23 hits in his 21 games with us. So, yeah Russ Bus!

For some reason Canzler was taken out for Rottino in the 7th. Sort of weird cuz Other Vinny's average is near half of what Canzler's is. Must have to do with Vinny's great fielding (not sarcastic - dude has an arm!) and Manny thinking there might be some plays at the plate. But you know how Canzler got homers in his last two games? Well his replacement hitter, Vinny Rottino, got one today instead!! Go Vinny! He's proving to be a much more useful utility guy than Brent Lillibridge, that's for sure...

Hafner was in tonight. You sort of forget about that guy when Russ is around. Especially when he goes 0 for 5.

Lonnie was in, working his way to a spot. He went 1 for 4 with a walk and came around to score a run. He hasn't done anything amazing in a while, but I think he's keeping it solid.

Sweet Lou was the catcher today and he walked 3 times, for the second time in 3 games (also against KC on Sunday. He didn't try to steal today like he did Monday. I think he's learned his lesson - no more taking off on Pierzynski!

Zeke got a stolen base, though, and he went 2 for 5 on the night with a run scored. One of his hits was a double! He's actually got a 5-game hitting streak with 4 runs scored in those 5 games. It'll be interesting to see what the outfield lands on next year with Zeke as a possibility along with Brantley of course and Choo gone. Maybe Torii Hunter? HA!

SO we took 2 of 3 from the White Sox and now they are a whole game out of first and we are tied for 4th/5th with the Twins. Do we have momentum to carry us through a good solid series with the Royals, and then one last push against the Sox to beat them down? Kind of exciting, don't you think?

Tomorrow is Thursday night football, Browns versus Ravens. Sorry to kill your winning buzz but it's the truth. No baseball to compete with or anything.

The next Tribe game is at home on Friday against the Royals. Our new favorite guy David Huff versus LHP (4.88). We might actually have this one. Tune in to find out!

See you there!

PS If anyone is looking to join the Nordonia Lancer Band Alumni group, go here!

Radio Chatter:
"Carlos Santana has hit two foul grand slams."
- Tom Hamilton

"Now remember - kids in Detroit go to school too. Thirty-eight thousand at Comerica tonight, twenty thousand here in Chicago."
- Tom Hamilton comparing fans

"How long has this game been going? Well Kim Kardashian he at the game and she's on her second boyfriend since the start of the game."
- Tom Hamilton in the 6th

"He either catches that ball or they take him off the field in a stretcher."
- Tom Hamilton on a liner to Santana

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