Sunday, September 2, 2012

Welcome Freshmen

Today's lineup was super interesting. Even the pitchers. Even the Rangers!

Our starting pitcher was Zach McAllister who actually made his debut last year but didn't solidify himself a place in the rotation until this year. He wasn't as hot today as he's usually been for us (a surprise to everyone that he was overall better than Masterson, Jiminez and Lowe) but really, it was the Rangers. It was bound to happen. There was no way we were going to hold them to under 5 runs a game all weekend. So McAllister gave up 7 runs in 5 innings including 4 home runs. They were of course to Josh Hamilton and Adrian Beltre, and this dude David Murphy who appears to love to hit against the Tribe.

The other home run was to Jurickson Profar. He is 19 and today was hist first Major League game after coming up from AA. He is the third teenager to hit a homer in his first at-bat, the first since 1950 (prior to that, 1945). It was very lucky for him that we were giving away home runs today and he was in line! He then also got a double. Put your feelers out for Profar baseball cards today!

Scott Barnes came in for middle relief. I think this is his third invite up this year after his debut in May. He went 2 innings and did not give up any home runs to the Texas Rangers, nor did they score any runs off him, so I'd call that an extremely successful outing for Barnes!

The finisher was Frank Herrmann, who was a big part of the bullpen last year but apparently didn't have the stuff this year (but Jeremy Accardo did...?) Well I guess he doesn't because this is his 5th appearance and he gave up 1 run today, giving him 4 overall for the season. Although I see that last year in 40 games he gave up 32 runs so he is obviously not as memorable as I make him out to be. I think really he made more of an impact in the #BullpenMafia movie, O'Hara's 6.

The pitching was all guys who at least started the season in Columbus, and 5 of the guys in the lineup had started in Columbus (Donald, Canzler, Neal, LaPorta, Carrera). One guy was traded in to the team (Lillibridge) and then Kipnis is having his rookie year. The Indians veterans on the diamond today were Santana and Marson. Lookout!

Jason Donald led off and it did not suit him whatsoever! He went 0 for 5.

Kipnis, on the other hand, is enjoying being out of the one-spot and went 2 for 4 today. He has hit in 5 of his lat 8 games and gotten 9 hits in those 5 games. I really hope September is his month because August very much wasn't (he batted .180 in August).

I sent him a link to the Society for the Abolition of the Month of August. I wonder if he'll find it a worthwhile cause?

Carlos Santana, lookin' good in the 3-hole! He had one hell of a weekend. No doubt inspired by the heavy hitting Rangers. In awe of the 2011 American League Champs. Or something. He went 5 for 12 in the series with 5 RBI and 4 runs. That's half of our 10 runs batted in and scoring 3 on top of that (1 was a home run so that's an RBI and a run all at once - dig?) Today he went 2 for 4 with 2 RBI and 2 runs! He got a 2-run homer in the 3rd and then double in the 8th. It actually seems like he is being a leader out there! Huh!

Welcome Russ Canzler! Yesterday he went 2 for 4 with 2 singles, and today he wrapped it up in a neat package with a double. Unfortunately there was nobody to hit in and no one to hit him in so his line ended there.

Welcome Thomas Neal! He followed up Santana's double with an RBI double of his own for his first Major League hit, after just being called up from AA Akron on Friday night and flying in from the playoffs in Virginia. And - AND! - while he was at bat a plane from the Air Show flew over and you could barely hear anything but the plane. But it made for a heck of a background for Thomas Neal's first hit and first RBI!

Here's the video, it's pretty neat. Here's an article on Neal (with the video) and it seems like he's a pretty cool guy. He's from Inglewood California - cred!

The old men - Lillibridge, LaPorta and Marson - each went 1 for 3 with a walk, but no runs and no RBI, so no stacking of those hits. Zeke was batting 9th and he went 0 for 4.

Here's a link to Matt LaPorta's spot for the National MS Society, if you're interested.

Fun times against the Rangers and fun to see new faces. Even though I missed the game being on WKYC and didn't see anyone at all. Most fun is to be done with the Rangers for a couple weeks and move on to a less hitting-y team!

On to Detroit where we'll spend our Labor Day with all the union workers. Who are retired or laid off. I wonder if there will be any mention? Surely there will, Detroit!

Tomorrow is Kluber versus RHP (5.29). Wow! Could be a win for Kluber!

I might try to catch the game on TV at my dad's tomorrow (at 1:05) so don't hold your breath for Radio Chatter. But otherwise - see you there!

Radio Chatter:
"Texas, they have a chance to have a big inning every inning."
- Tom Hamilton

"They always have a big Labor Day parade in Detroit. It's when all the union people are mad at the non-union people."
- Tom Hamilton

"Anywhere else in America, when a manager goes to two World Series with a team that hadn't been there for eons, he would have a job for life. Not in Boston."
- Tom Hamilton

"Nelson Cruz, it's not hard to tell what sort of mood he's in. He hasn't been in a good mood all weekend."
- Tom Hamilton on Nelson Cruz still being a baby

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