Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Still In Texas...

Hey, the 2013 schedule is up! You'll be pleased to know that next year we're not stuck playing the Rangers in September. In fact we're slated to play the Astros and the Twins. Yay! Who knows what baseball will be like next year, though. I for one am excited to find out.

But first - the rest of this year!

Jeanmar Gomez...let's be done with him now. He was slightly impressive at the beginning of the year but quickly lost his luster. Tonight he went 4 innings and gave up 5 earned runs with 3 of them coming via the homer. He only struck out 1.

David Huff came in for relief and we hope to see him in 5 days starting instead of Gomez, don't we? He threw 2 2/3 and struck out 4 with no runs scored. Esmil Rogers came in for that final out and he got it via the strikeout.

Chris Perez! Forgot about him! He came in for the 8th and gave up his requisite 1 hit and that was the end of that. Do you think he could get 5 more saves in 18 more games? I am guessing probably not...

The lineup was a little "older" today (no Neal, no Phelps) and 8 out of 9 dudes got on base, but they had a hard time converting hits into runs. What else is new, eh?

Choo is still on an on-base tear. His average is up to .281 now after going 2 for 4 tonight. He's got 11 hits and 9 walks in September!

Kipnis, on the other hand, not so much. The JK Kid did nothing but strike out tonight.

Santana finally did something, getting his first hit since his 3-hit run on Sunday. He went 1 for 3 tonight with a run and an RBI!

Cousin Michael trudges along. I am repeating myself but he got another hit tonight - 9 hits and 5 walks in 10 games in September. His average is .284. Still not the .330 I had promised when Grady got back but Grady ain't back so we've got forever!

Russ Canzler had a bad night for Russ Canzler. He didn't get a hit although at least he got on base with a walk. No errors either so better than last night.

Where we don't have Canzler, we have The Chiz! Lonnie was in today at third which implies no errors at third. Also he went 1 for 4. No extra bases or runs or RBI or anything but hey, no one else got extra bases either.

Casey Kotchman was up again today in another crucial spot for the Tribe and he delivered again! He got another RBI today. It wasn't a beautiful 2-RBI single with bases loaded - more like a fielder's choice infield hit that almost was a double play but whatever. He did it!

Brent Lillibridge had a bad night. At least he didn't screw up at short. But he went 0 for 4 with 2 strikeouts and 4 left on base. He could not handle the heat today that's for sure.

Zeke had a good night, though! He went 1 for 3 with a run scored and a stolen base! He's not a super top-notch performer just yet - he's not reliable. But he's kept his average up over .250 and hasn't been completely inconsequential to the team. You can tell they are working on his batting and trying to get him to forget his few fat hits earlier in the season and just concentrate on getting on base.

Tomorrow is ONE MORE DAY against the Rangers. It sort of sucks listening to games I know we can't win. But then again I listen to games on the archive that I know we actually haven't won so who am I to complain?

It's Zach McAllister versus LHP (4.59) and I am pretty sure we don't have the ability to win tomorrow. Then again, I gotta tune in to see if I am wrong!

See you there!

Radio Chatter:
"He made the Indians look foolish."
- Tom Hamilton after the top of the first

"For the Indians, they'd better get great pitching because they aren't going to win a slugfest against this ballclub."
- Tom Hamilton

"You could hear the baseball screaming 'ouch' from up here."
- Tom Hamilton after Beltre's homer in the first

"Nelson Cruz is in a slump but does it matter?"
- Tom Hamilton

"Literally Madonna would love Dallas - the Material Girl in a material city. [...] There's a reason the television show is called 'Dallas' and not 'Fort Worth.'"
- Tom Hamilton is filling the air

"Nobody tried to catch it in the upper deck - they ran away from it, it was a missle!"
- Tom Hamilton on Josh Hamilton's homer

"Let's break for a station ID. Or maybe not...I don't think the FCC is listening."
- Tom Hamilton is getting restless

"So, Santa Claus makes a stop in Arlington on September 12."
- Tom Hamilton after Kipnis' error is called a triple for David Murphy

"The only way the Indians can beat Texas is if Texas has a bad night."
- Tom Hamilton

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