Saturday, September 8, 2012

Was It An Off Day?

Also did the game start at 8:10 instead of 7:10 as it was on the schedule? I said goodbye to my guests and sat down to watch the end of the game at like 9:30 and was surprised to see it was still the 5th inning. But the game's official time says it was 3 hours with no delay so if the game was over around 10:50 (when I got my automated post-game email) what the heck time did this game start?

Perhaps the Indians were playing a game in a universe that started at 7:10 Eastern but their pitcher was pitching from 6:40 Central and everything was FUBAR.

'Cuz I can't figure out why else the Tribe's lineup was stymied by the Twins's pitching AND our pitching got all flustered by their hitting.

Zach McAllister started and if you recall he is our pro. Our rock. He's no ACE but he doesn't tend to leave the game too early but that's what happened today. He went 3 innings and gave up 2 runs, walking 3 and hitting a guy. I'm not exactly sure why they needed to yank him so quickly after that but I guess they don't take 51-pitch innings lightly.

Chris Seddon was sitting around so they called him in to try to get some innings under his belt. He had a 1-2-3 4th inning but in the 5th he loaded the bases with only 1 out so they got rid of him.

Scott Maine of the Chicago Cubs (just kidding he works for us now) came in to finish and he impressed us all by promptly walking Morneau with the bases loaded. Whoops! He figured out the next two batters to end the inning.

Next up to try was Frank Herrmann, the Professor! And then Sipp! They had it figured out and each went 1-2-3.

Then it was Scott Barnes' turn (damn is EVERYBODY here?) (Yes) and he gave up two singles but then got a double play (note that was Canzler looking alive at first, not Kotchman). But then he hit a guy. But then he got the third out. And that was the end of our pitchers.

Six pitchers and only 5 strike-outs between them. Ouch!

I suppose that's not as bad as 9 batters and only 4 hits between them, huh?

Half of those hits belong to Shin-Soo Choo who went 2 for 4 tonight. Yesterday he went 3 for 5 so clearly he's comfortable here (although he did strike out twice). Too bad none of his buddies were able to do anything with the fact that he got on base as a good leadoff man should.

Soooooo...down to the 6th guy in the lineup, Russ Canzler, who got another hit. Hits in 6 of his 6 MLB games. 100% in September. He's slacking though - only one hit tonight when last night he got 3 including a homer. I expect bigger things from him next time!

Hometown Hero Jack Hannahan is the other dude who got a hit. That's nice for Jack. Didn't do much for the team unfortunately but did you see his double play above? He did a lot for Scott Barnes that's for sure!

Ok so that's all there is to say about this game. Oh all that and Cord Phelps played second (Kipnis DH) but didn't get a hit so he's batting .000 still.

TOMORROW is a 2:10 start unless they mess with the space-time continuum again. But surely they wouldn't do that on a football Sunday? I think I'm going to try to watch the Browns and listen to the baseball at the same time so it all ends around the same time and I can spend the rest of the day watching crappy reality TV as God intended for Sundays to go.

The matchup is Kluber versus RHP (7.94). Seriously if we don't win this game - or at LEAST make a very good go of it - I think we definitely deserve to lose the Battle of the Basement.

Ok so Go Browns and I'll see you there!

Radio Chatter:
"If the Indians don't score a lot of runs tonight they'll have to look in the mirror because this guy looks very very hittable."
- Tom Hamilton in the first inning

"This is  aguy who never walks, Ezequiel Carrera, and DeVries is pitching to him like he's Miguel Cabrera."
- Tom Hamilton

"Every city north of Minneapolis says they are the home of Paul Bunyan. That guy got around! He did not shut it down on weekends."
- Tom Hamilton

"Somehow he's kept the Indians off the scoreboard which might say more about the Indians than De Vries."
- Tom Hamilton

"I can't think of a more important winter than this winter that the Indians have coming up."
- Tom Hamilton 

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