Saturday, June 1, 2013

Hey, Are You Still Awake?

Eh, go back to bed. Nothing happened here. Nothing but a 5-hour rain delay and then a game in which the Indians got 1 hit. They actually managed to get 2 un-earned runs out of all that but...meh.

Kind of pissed at WTAM for recycling rain delay material. They played stuff from all the way back in April, I think. I was sort of pissed that they were re-hashing the "Why aren't there black people in baseball anymore?" discussion until I realized they weren't just re-hashing it, they were re-playing it! I know because in the middle of the discussion last time some dude called up and told them (Bob Frantz et al) about blind baseball (technically the National Beep Baseball Association), and that very conversation occurred again tonight. Yay for beep baseball but boo lazy dudes at WTAM! Couldn't we have had more discussion about something current? It actually did start off as a discussion about grading the team at the 1/3 mark of the season but then I guess their dinner got delivered and it was tape time.

Anyway so after this re-played conversation they played a baseball game. Insert jokes about getting their asses kicked by the blind baseball players here. Ha, good one!

I spent the evening cataloging collectible souvenir spoons. I kid you not.

Corey Kluber was set to start, he had to wait 5 hours, he pitched 2 innings and that was it. He did well, though - no hits, 3 strikeouts, 1 walk.

Then Scott Barnes came in and got his ass handed to him, giving up 5 runs on 4 hits with 2 homers. They couldn't very well take him out at the first sign of trouble because the name of the game was save the arms.

Except they ended up having to throw Albers, Hagadone and Shaw in there to keep everyone's pitch counts down and keep it close. The three of them pitched 5 innings total with only 1 run scored, on a home run given up by Shaw in the 8th. It was Loney's second homer of the game.

Then Rich Hill came out and took a little nap on the mound while the Rays scored 3 more runs. Then the pitching coach paid him a visit to wake him up and he struck out the next 2 guys to end the top half of the 9th.

Ryan Raburn is so good...
Ryan Raburn is so good that he is the only one who _______ today.

After he did, the trainers had to visit him at second base to see how his crampy leg was doing. He must have been ok because it was the 5th and he stayed in the game. He got an RBI by the way.

Yan Gomes was catching today. He got a sac fly and got the other RBI right after Raburn.

So that was that. I think I'm more bummed about there not being a huge crowd and people not being able to see fireworks (I assume there's a noise curfew?) than I am about the loss. I get so excited when a ton of people show up at the stadium, and I love the fireworks and want people to see them! I hope they ate a ton of dogs at least. If I would have been there I totally would have stayed, although I can't really think of too many people in my life who would stay that long with me. Some friends stayed pretty late for a game with me in 2011 but it was over by 12:30, not just starting at 12:30. Everyone else, they've got kids to go home to. Meh.

I was there in spirit! I had to stay home with my spoons. Good on all the folks who stayed - you're awesome!

Tomorrow (today) is a 1:05 game. That's 9.5 hours from now! I hope everyone gets tucked in ASAP tonight. It'll be Ubaldo versus RHP 0.00. Don't be skeered - it's just some dude making his 2013 debut. He ended 2012 at 4.60, if you're curious.

Go get some sleep, and I'll see you there!

Radio Chatter:
"It's only 12:30, this is the early show!"
- Tom Hamilton comparing the game to the even later game in KC

"Eggs, bacon and Budweiser. Sounds good here at 12:30 in the morning."
- Tom Hamilton

"How big now is the start by Scott Kazmir?"
- Tom Hamilton on Kazmir's 7 innings

"It's one of those nights...the Indians just can't seem to square the ball up tonight. That'll happen."
- Tom Hamilton

"Fans leaving for the exit - that's just terrible. It's 2:30 in the morning, how can you leave a ballgame early?"
- Tom Hamilton's tongue in his cheek

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