Sunday, June 9, 2013

...Minus One Pitch

Tribe finished out a 3-game series in Detroit today and lost.

Justin Masterson was the pitcher. He wasn't too bad. According to Tom Hamilton, he looked good "minus one pitch." That pitch was the one that Don Kelly took his .182 average over the fence for his third home run of the year. A 3-run homer, of course - one where Miggy and Prince scored anyway because their dumb asses were on base.  Masterson had at least held them to a walk and a single... He did go 7 innings but only struck out 4. I know he's a ground-ball-out guy but he's been throwing a lot more strikeouts this year. This is actually the fewest K's he's had in a game all this year. Anyway other than that mess with Don Kelly, Masterson just gave up one run on a sac fly.

Nick Hagadone came in the for the 8th and had a good day. No hits, just a walk, facing Prince, V-Mart and the harrowing Don Kelly.

Bourn, Kipnis and Swisher all went 1 for 4 with singles. They actually managed to put 2 hits together in the 6th when Kipnis got a single and was followed up by Swisher breaking his 0-for-26 streak with a single of his own. But there was no 2-out magic after that and nothing became of it.

Michael Bourn has 12 hits in his last 10 games. Why isn't he the new face of the Indians, on all of the promo materials? Instead of Nick Swisher's stupid smiley, useless mug?

Carlos Santana was still plugging away with 10 hits in his last 10 games. He went 2 for 4 today with 2 doubles!

Yan Gomes was the DH today instead of catcher. Pretty cool, huh? Unfortunately he didn't do a darn thing today but I always feel better when Gomes is in that lineup anyway!

Ryan Raburn is cracking me up! He's so good!
He's so good that he's hit 2 home runs in 2 games, effectively telling the booing fans of Detroit to __________.

Raburn was in left today, leaving room for Stubbs in right. Stubbs almost hit one out but he didn't. But you know - horseshoes and hand grenades.

This 11-game losing streak is the worst since 1991. That's pre-Jacobs Field even! Ancient times!

I'm sad but not giving up hope, because it's only June. It's only June, we can come out of this by the end of June and rock and roll through July, August and September, right? Nick Swisher can get his stupid act together. Jason Kipnis can figure himself out. Asdrubal can have plenty of time to heal and come back. Santana and Bourn can hang tight and keep doing well. Reynolds will remember what he was doing that made him so good in May. The other guys will fall in line with more at-bats to try.

It'll be fine.

Tomorrow the team goes to Texas to put  Scott Kazmir up against RHP 7.71. If the Tribe is going to come out of a funk, and can't do it against a new guy (today) or a Cy Young Award pitcher (Friday) then perhaps they'll come out of it for a guy who had a bad first outing after coming up from AAA. Whatever, I'm grasping at straws here.

The game's at 8:05, so we've got an extra hour to mess around beforehand. See you there!

Radio Chatter:
"We got a guy down here selling hot dogs that thinks he can sing. He doesn't even sound good in his own shower."
- Tom Hamilton

"Boy, would every other city like to have the Tigers' problems."
- Tom Hamilton

"If you want to see what a plastic surgeon's work looks like, take a stroll down Main Street in Birmingham [Michigan]."
- Tom Hamilton

"Reynolds was playing in on third, so Dirks said 'Why shouldn't I bunt?'"
- Tom Hamilton

"Good outing today for Justin Masterson - minus one pitch."
- Tom Hamilton

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