Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A Glimmer of Good?

First thing's first: Chris Perez is being investigated after a pound of pot was sent to his house via the US mail. My stance on this is no way can Chris Perez be that stupid as to have a pound of pot delivered to his house in the mail. But then again I was fully convinced that there was no way Anthony Wiener would tweet a picture of his junk to his mistress and I was 100% wrong there, so obviously I am a poor judge of the character of public figures, so I'm just gonna keep mum.

Although I am getting a laugh out of Pure Rage's new alter-ego, Pure Mellow. Well played!

After this scandal broke this morning they did play a baseball game in the Bronx. It was in fact a losing game but IMHO there was a glimmer of hope to it. The Tribe showed a little bit of fight, a smidge of moxy. Plus, Yan Gomes.

Corey Kluber was like Kazmir and Masterson before him - one crummy inning and that was enough to do him in. He started off with a crummy inning that resulted in no earned runs on his record when Cano got on base with an error and Hafner crushed a 2-run blast (ugh!) The next inning he gave up 4 hits and a walk, resulting in 4 runs. He was lucky to get out of it with a double play at the end. But, after that? No more walks, 8 strikeouts, no more runs and just 2 more hits. He was 1-2-3ing his way all the way through to the 6th inning. His ERA is up over 4.5 now but he made a valiant recovery - I'm not worried.

Matt Langwell came in to start the 7th and walked a guy on 4 pitches and then was done. Oops!

Rich Hill had to come in for Langwell and HE walked 2 guys too. His ERA is 8.10. Of course he intentionally walked Teixeira and then didn't care if he walked Hafner so those were sort of good moves. If you're going to sacrifice a guy just to throw some balls, Rich Hill is a good pick.

Joe Smith was the hero and  came in with the bases loaded and 2 out in the 7th to get Vernon Wells to pop out. His ERA is .93. Of course it is!!

Vinnie P came out for the 9th down 2 runs, and to be honest he looked a little shaky to start. First he gives up a single to the ghost of Ichiro Suzuki, then throws a wild pitch, and I'm sure everyone was looking to see if his arm came out of its socket. It didn't, and then he got the next 3 out with a pop-up and 2 strikeouts. Someone on Twitter said that Vinnie seems to be 85% back and I agree. Eighty-five percent of Vinnie is still pretty good.

Our guys weren't hitting that much today - they had 7 hits (over 7 players) and 9 strikeouts (over 7 players). Does CC Sabathia not walk guys? Because the Tribe only mustered 1 walk today.

Michael Bourn went 1 for 4. He also had an error in the first inning which led to the 2-run homer by Hafner. It's pretty jarring to see him have two goofs in 2 weeks - remember how he just had a ball pop out of his glove and over the wall? - but also see some of the crazy good stuff he's doing in the field around those goofs. This is actually his first error of the year and I guess if you can vividly describe each gaffe a player makes in 2 months of play, the player isn't doing so bad.

Kipnis got a hit today but it didn't seem like it was supposed to be a hit. It bounced off an infielder in to the outfield. But hey, it was a hit AND an RBI so we'll take it. I just wish he'd get legit again.

Swisher is the DH and one of the guys who didn't get a hit. He's leaving New York with zero hits in 3 games and also leaving without New York feeling one bit jealous of Cleveland as Hafner finishes up with 2 hits and 3 RBI. Meh.

Santana, Aviles and Brantley all went 1 for 4. All three of them are hitting over .280. Pretty cool!

Guess who almost saved the day today?!
Yan swatted one out in the 7th with one on, bringing the Tribe to within 2! Four home runs and 12 RBI in his last 10 games! Plus there's no doubt he talked Kluber down after the 2nd and was partially responsible for the scoreless rest of the game, right? More Yan please!

Drew Stubbs remains "back", now with a 3-game hitting streak. You gotta believe that with your #9 guy doing "this well" that a team has the ability to do well over-all. Of course that just intensifies your frustration when they are NOT doing well but keep repeating "It's only June..."

Sadly, we've lost for a second time against a Cy Young Award winner, and it's our last time to face him. But otherwise...t's only June.

Tomorrow we get a day off and then it's off to Deeeee-troit for some fun with the Kitties on Friday. It'll be Ubaldo versus RHP 3.70. The guys will be refreshed and ready to win! I think today was a good indicator that the team might be on an upswing and ready to get back to their old selves. It'll happen soon, I promise!

See you there!

Radio Chatter:
"Ex-Cleveland-Indians, every single one of them, seem to always have a monster game against the Tribe."
- Tom Hamilton on Hafner's homer

"It's like everyone's gone to the Brandon Philips school of destroying Indians pitching."
- Jim Rosenhaus

"Can't you raise your right hand? If it's that hard to do, it's time to retire."
- Tom Hamilton on the slow and subtle home plate umpire

"One dollar won't even get you ketchup here at the new Yankee Stadium."
- Tom Hamilton

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