Monday, June 10, 2013

Fought The Law And The Law Won

Scott Kazmir looked ok. Just one run shy of a quality start (a run that Hagadone gave up for him). I mean the way the whole team is playing, he could have looked worse.

For example he could have looked like Hagadone or Allen who both gave up runs in the 7th inning.What the...?

Vinnie Pestano at least had an uneventful 8th. Kind of creepy how we're not really missing our closer right now, huh? I guess if nothing else, all of this is good for Chris Perez who's not going to lose his job any time soon because there's no chance for anyone to go out there and show everyone they're better at closing than Perez.

Jumping on the mug shot bandwagon yo!
Nobody on the team is hitting over .300 right now. Granted, .300 is a tall order the longer the season wears on but dammit I liked looking at those.

Swisher got a hit today but he's got to be batting at like .280 for me to get over it.

Santana - he made me happy today. Well when he wasn't making me upset, being bad at playing first base. But it was really really cool for him to get a 2-out, bases-loaded double. That was, like, one of the biggest highlights of the past 8 games. Didn't win the game or anything but it was sweet as heck.

Mark Reynolds muffed a play, and made Tom Hamilton super mad. Then later he had a play that made Tom Hamilton sound like he was going to declare Reynolds the best third baseman ever. It was pretty sweet, he was hopping around like a circus flea! No hits for Reynolds, tho.

The Tribe had an awesome and weird double play that did get two outs (as opposed to the previously mentioned Reynolds play that didn't).


Hey, they signed John MacDonald today. Not sure why, since we've got a great utility infielder and some dudes who should come up to play SS while Asdrubal's out, and an every day 2nd baseman but...Johnny Mac! He hasn't played with us since 2004?? Seems like we traded him 3 years ago! His batting average is slightly above average but his fielding is around 100%. Huh.

They're talking on Extra Innings now about whether or not this is a slump or this is a bad team. This is not a bad team. No way is this a bad team. This is a good team playing extremely poorly right now and it's frustrating as heck. Are they going to be playing this poorly all season? They might. Because this is Cleveland, they might.

But hey, at least there's over 3 months of baseball left. Whatever that means, it definitely means we've got a lot more baseball to listen to and really that's what it's all about.

I'm rambling. It's bedtime. Tomorrow is at 8:05 again, Kluber versus LHP 2.82. It's raining cats and dogs outside.

See you there.

Radio Chatter:
"The fastball is still the best pitch there is."
- Tom Hamilton

"Carlos Santana is a great hitter but boy, where do you play him? Really, Santana is a DH."
- Tom Hamilton

"Can you imagine what the inside of those heads smells like in a month or so?"
- Tom Hamilton on the racing Texas icons

"No wonder the Rangers do so well in this ballpark, when Santa Claus is the scorekeeper."
- Tom Hamilton on an error going as a single

"You can't win in this park scoring only 3 runs. Not going to happen. You score 5 runs in this ballpark and you're going to be on the edge of your seat thinking that's enough."
- Tom Hamilton

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