Friday, June 21, 2013

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy

Did that seem like our easiest game in forever, or what? Not like when we won 13-0 or 19-6 or whatever, but after all of these hard-fought won and lost games in the past month this was just a nice cakewalk for our team.

Kazmir had a leisurely day in the park, throwing only 95 pitches over 7 innings, and just one run scored. Quality start, old chap! He struck out 7 and didn't walk a one. This is all hella better than his last 3 starts, where he gave up a total of 13 runs. Our starters are just killing it this week!

In for crossing the "t"s and dotting the "i"s was Joe Smith and Vinnie Pestano. Great choice for a Friday night! (26,442 there for hot dogs) Interestingly, there was only one strikeout between the two of them tonight but even though they had a 4-run lead, no runs were given up either. In fact, they both had 1-2-3 innings. How sweet it is!

The batters are definitely stirring up. Bourn had his first 2-hit game in 10 days. Finally! And that's how we scored 5 runs! (Not really - he only got one run and no RBI)

Aviles had an off night, going 0 for 3, but Kipnis did not crumble at the plate when faced with the bases juiced. Nay, our man Kipnis overcame his seemingly temporary fear of Men In Scoring Position and hit himself a 2-run single in the 7th! And lo, there was much rejoicing! The kid also had a sac fly RBI, and is slowly creeping up on Aviles as being the team helper robot.

Santana was shut down today. Two games in a row with no hits.
Michael "Son of Mickey" Brantley was back in town, though. After his two homers last night he was still making stuff happen tonight with a double and then came around to score.

Mark Reynolds was trying to make stuff happen - he's the one who got Brantley home - but he made himself look silly after getting a legit double but walking away from the base when he thought he was out (he wasn't). But, according to him he actually was out, the ump was just in a bad spot. He did end up looking bad though. Poor guy:
However! There was redemption! Later on he hit a single and stopped himself at first, then was able to come around to score in the inning. And, he also walked so he went 2 for 3 tonight. Bravo!

Hey! Lonnie Chisenhall got a hit! Hootie hoo! And Yan Gomes didn't. Wow.

Drew Stubbs was being chased by Bourn again today. He went 1 for 2 with a walk and both scored a run and got an RBI. Still hovering around the .240 mark, as usual. Love that Stubbs!

Tomorrow is the much-anticipated return of THE KLUBE, Corey Kluber, versus RHP 3.23. And it's going to be on FOX and there's going to be a lot more hits and it's going to be awesome!

No Radio Chatter tonight - Tom Hamilton off watching his son play. I think Nick, at Mahoning Valley maybe? (Too many talented kids in that family to keep track of!) Jim Rosenhaus was joined by Tim Belcher, and John Hart AND Carlos Baerga. Crowded in the booth!

Anyway, gonna be a great Saturday night. See you there!

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