Thursday, June 13, 2013

Down With The Sickness

It kind of feels like the team was sick for a while, and now they're getting better and getting on their feet and getting back to their old selves. Right? I told you this wasn't a bad team!

I mean, I'm not going to scream "We're back!" just yet. You know how it is after an illness - one Happy Hour after work and you're down for the rest of the weekend. So let's just watch as the fellas get themselves back in gear, and hope they don't get re-infected on their way.

I couldn't get a read on Ubaldo Jiminez from Tom Hamilton today. Hammy's pretty good at describing whether or not we can trust a starter's outing, but since the team has been doing bad he doesn't seem to have faith in anyone. Well except Kluber last night - Hamilton was pretty convinced by the 6th. He didn't really sell Jiminez tonight, although Jiminez didn't really sell himself. He lasted just 5 innings before leaving with 101 pitches. He just had to work too hard, I guess. He only gave up 1 run and struck out 4, so all in all it was a good performance. Just too short. He got the win, tho!

Ubaldo gave up a walk and a hit in the 6th, so they took him out. Then we had to deal with Hill on the hill (I can't believe I haven't said that yet!) He only had to pitch to Pierzynski and he got AJ to fly out, then they sent him to sit back down. Good riddance.

Then Shaw got the next 2 guys out, and got 2 outs in the 7th. They took him out for Hagadone who got one out. Tired yet? Still two more innings to go!

Smith had a good inning - he took 22 pitches to strike out 3 guys and walk one. Then came Vinnie to work the 9th, just to get some work and in true Tribe Closer fashion he gave up a run because he had a run to give up. Tom Hamilton has been pointing out the last 2 days how you can't trust any sort of lead in the ballpark at Arlington, so he had me nervous when there was a runner on and a run scored with 2 outs in the 9th. I mean, if we can score so many runs after 2 outs and this is a run-producing park, why can't they?? It ended, though. Whew!

The top of the order started really getting their stuff together today. Bourn - a Texas boy - was back today and he started the game off with a single! He didn't make it home that time but he led off the 3rd with a single and got to come home. Later on he walked, so he went 2 for 4 on the night. Juuuuust a hair under .300 at .299!

Kipnis kicked it up a notch finally, after sticking out a 7-game hitting streak now he's putting more hits up in one game, going 3 for 5 tonight with a double and a HOMER! Quite a power day for the Kid! I wouldn't mind to see a big long hitting streak from him, that's for sure. How many games are left in the season? How about a streak that long?! Yeah!


Michael Brantley was up in cleanup today. The 4th spot is where he's been for the third-most at-bats. First is uh...first with 88 at-bats. Then seventh with 35, and then 4th, 5th and 8th are about the same in the 20s. Versatility! He actually does best in the fifth spot.

Sorry, that was boring. Cousin Michael went 2 for 4 with a walk, an RBI and a run scored! He's got a 3-game hitting streak.

Santana went 1 for 4, with a big RBI double. He has a little 5-game streak going. I guess they are trying to move him around more, not have him catch as much. Oh, what do we do with Carlos? He needs to have multi-hit games tho, that's for sure.

Mike Aviles was in it to win it tonight, going just 1 for 4 but his was a 2-run homer! He did have to give back one of those runs today after he committed  an error that allowed a run to score in the 9th. But that's ok - we don't want him getting TO Asdrubally (albeit Asdrubal sure does have a lot of errors this season....) Him and his buddies also turned two today TWICE!

I guess Drew Stubbs' parents have been in town for this Texas series. He's from Alabama and it's a 2.5 hour drive in to Arlington. Tom Hamilton is a big fan of theirs (probably because he travels to see his son play now too!) Anyway, Stubbs got a hit tonight too (got one last night) but that was about it. Hey - he got on, not his fault the guys couldn't drive him in!

Tomorrow's an off day, then back home to host the Nationals on Friday. The Nats are a .500 club who play better at home than on the road. We've got a team that just won 2 after losing 8, and had BEST be back on a roll! Also - Dollar Dogs and fireworks! w00t!

Friday it'll be our hero Justin Masterson versus LHP 3.59. Are you stoked? It's gonna be fun (thank goodness)!

See you there!

[No Radio Chatter tonight, sorry. I was too busy doing stuff to write stuff down. Oops!]

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