Monday, June 3, 2013


Let's just go over good stuff from tonight's game:

1. Nick Swisher has a t-shirt that says "BROHIO" and "S'up bro?" on the back with the Block C. As far as I know, you can't buy it. (Update: You sort of can buy it now. Read here.)
Yes he does.
2. Justin Masterson didn't do as poorly as his line would suggest. Yes, yes - 7 runs, 9 hits, 2 homers, only 5 strikeouts. But from what I could tell by listening, it wasn't so much Masterson doing poorly as the Yankees doing well. They like to talk about pitchers "laboring" when they're looking bad, but no one was saying Justin was laboring, or looking off or just not sharp. When I heard Mark Teixeria was going to be in the game my first thought was "oh no." I was right. That guy always seems to rock out against us and today was no exception. According to the score, he is the guy who won the game.

3. It wasn't our bullpen who lost the game! Cody Allen and Joe Smith are stars! Allen had another scoreless, hitless [two-thirds of an] inning and Joe Smith is pitching with an ERA under 1 again!

4. Michael Bourn! Dude went 3 for 5 tonight and is batting .312 now. He doesn't seem to be leveling off as the season progresses and he gets more ABs under his belt. He's just getting hotter!

5. Aviles was called on to start for Kipnis, and it was no big thing. In fact he did better than Kipnis has been doing (although Kipnis does have a streak, but of single hits) going 2 for 4 on the night with an RBI. And since he's super talented he went over to SS when Asdrubal went down. Enough talk of that.

6. Is Carlos Santana on his way back up? Yesterday with 3 hits and today 2 more including a 2-out, 2-run double to tie the game!

7. Drew Stubbs broke a 5-game, 16-at-bat no-hit streak with a double! And since he is so friggin' fast, he snuck around to score with ease!

8. We're only 1 game out of first place. It's only June 3.

So, see? It's not all doom and gloom, BROS. There was good baseball tonight! Except for the bad parts, which caused us to lose. That's baseball!

Tomorrow is more baseball. It'll be Scott Kazmir versus RHP 4.65. According to the MLB he is coming off the worst start of his career. Maybe we can change that for him and make it his second-worst start!

See you there!

Radio Chatter:
"People say 'We have a lot of injuries' but you're going to get a lot of injuries when your players are over 40 years old."
- Tom Hamilton

"You just created a visual that I'm not sure our fans are ready for."
- Jim Rosenhaus on Tom Hamilton's pondering 80-year-old Rockettes

"You knew that was coming...with two outs..."
- Jim Rosenhaus on Santana's 2-out RBI

"I'm no doctor, but when you're carried off the field you're headed for the DL."
- Tom Hamilton on Asdrubal Cabrera

"This guy literally looks like he could pitch another 10 years."
- Tom Hamilton on Mariano Rivera


  1. That shirt is awesome. I want one!

    1. I finally found the Brohio shirt for sale here!

  2. PLEASE! Does anyone know how to get that t-shirt? By Cleveland-born boyfriend lives in Oakland, California and still lives&breaths Indians baseball. He needs that t-shirt! I'd be the best girlfriend ever if I could give it to him on his birthday which is the same day Indians play Oakland!

    1. The only way to get this shirt so far is to buy tickets for the "BROHIO" section (117) for one of the two remaining BROHIO section games on 9/6 or 9/20. Use the code "BROHIO" offer code.

      Specific info:

    2. go to explicit shirt store and search for Brohio

  3. Rats, that's all I could find out online as well. We live in California, with no trips back anytime soon. I hoped there might be someone out there in the online world who happened to get an XL mens "Brohio" tee that didn't want theirs. :) I will pay for the tee & shipping - same price as a ticket!