Sunday, June 9, 2013

I'm Pretty Tired, Guys...

Thursday night I didn't go to bed at all. Friday night I fell asleep listening to the game. I was in fact woken up in the exciting 9th when Hammy was calling homers. Unfortunately I knew, even in my sleep, that they weren't enough to win.

This morning I was up at 4:30 AM getting ready for The Color Run. Don't worry, I didn't run. I walked the 3.1 miles and you better believe I was happy to see the overcast skies.

I caught the first two innings of the game at my dad's house on the 46" television. I don't know why but the picture just looked amazing today. I don't think I've ever seen a ballgame on his 46" TV (it's new). I've seen one on my 40" television and it's perfectly good but DAMN - 46" is just super big and beautiful. I don't even think dad's TV has best resolution. But sitting in dad's chair, it looks pretty awesome.

It sort of almost makes me want to buy a bigger TV and pay for cable. But not really.

Random note: The BROHIO shirt is still not showing itself. I keep checking all of the usual suspects - Fresh Brewed Tees, CLE Clothing, GV Art and Design, even who sometimes puts up cool '47 brand tees like this (it's $3 less at the team shop BTW). Nobody has it. When they do it's going to be a big seller!!

Also random: Chris Perez and his wife are being charged with misdemeanor drug abuse. They received a package at their home that was addressed to Brody Braum - their dog's name and Melanie Perez's maiden name. The cops asked Perez if he had anything to show them before they executed a search warrant. He showed them his personal stash and bong. Lulz! They are pleading not guilty to the charges. I'm still hoping Perez isn't stupid enough to send himself drugs in the mail. Here's a good wrap-up of things so far. It includes mug shots! Also, I coulda swore I saw a pic of Perez's dad once. I know I did. I want to make a joke about how his dad looks like Cheech Marin, cuz he does. Except the photo is completely gone from the Internet as is the article it was posted with. Check it out - this article references the original article and hotlinks to the photo. The photo and the article (linked at the bottom of this linked page) are gone. CONSPIRACY!

Anyway, whatever, I am totally babbling. I am extremely exhausted. I don't know why but I've been listening to the game since I got home at 11. I'm going to do another stupid list because I can't hardly keep my eyes open. Also, because you know how they've been playing lately.

1. I was going to be all sad that Stubbs was out, but Raburn is our man in Detroit. He gets booed there because he wasn't Mike Trout or something. I don't know what those folks want with him. But today he had some nice catches in right field and had a big fat 2-run homer. He did not end up saving the game when he had the chance, but he did get 3 of the team's 4 runs so - Suck it, Detroit!

2. Matt Langwell pitched 2 innings and struck out 3 and walked none. No runs or anything. Sweet!

3. They booed Valverde when he came in.

4. Francona got thrown out. Again. Ha!

5. Right now all I have to say about Nick Swisher (other than "Where'd you get that shirt, Bro?") is "Fuck Nick Swisher."

6. How is Yan Gomes hitting under .300 (.294)? Feels like he bats .500! Well, his slugging is .600 and OPS is .911. That's more like it!

7. Kipnis way leads the team in SB with 13. That's 7 more than the next guy, the speedy mofo Michael Bourn. Atta boy Kip!

8. I forgot but Carrasco's nickname, at least from Manny Acta, was Cookie. Don't let me forget again.

9. Aviles, Asdrubally.

10. There is no 10. I am going to bed.

Radio Chatter:
"If they smell blood in the water, they are like a shark the way they will attack a pitcher."
- Tom Hamilton on the Tigers

"If you put 'em side-by-side, you'd say they HAVE to be brothers, he and Miguel Cabrera."
- Tom Hamilton on Avisail Garcia

"I just read 'em folks. I didn't pull the beefy crunch burrito. But it sounds like you'd better hurry if you want to get one."
- Tom Hamilton's commentary on his Taco Bell ad read

"Carlos Carrasco must feel like a guy climbing a mountain today. And every couple of steps he falls down the mountain and is finally able to grab a ledge on the way down."
- Tom Hamilton

"That had to be a fun run around the bases for Ryan Raburn!"
- Tom Hamilton

"If they could win a game late it just feels like it could change everything."
- Tom Hamilton

"It's kind of like asking out 20 girls at a time and getting shot down. But they get nicer every time. But you just need one of them to say yes!"
"You talked to my brother when we were in New York, didn't you?"
"Close doesn't count. You're still going to the movies by yourself!"
- Tom Hamilton and Jim Rosenhaus on the Indians almost coming back every night

"Valverde wears a jersey top that you would swear some way, somehow the equipment manager got the wrong size, because 'snug' would be a polite way to describe how it fits Valverde, who at this stage in his career doesn't care how he looks."
- Tom Hamilton


  1. FWIW: I saw a guy at the Parma Tavern tonight with a Brohio shirt ... but the logo was totally different. He said the Swisher one was probably a custom job, and that he got his shirts (in Indians AND Browns colors, naturally) from somebody on Cafe Press.

    1. Oh yeah, there's tons of BROHIO gear out there, but none of it like Swisher's, with the block C on the back. I only wear Tribe-related clothing now lol