Thursday, June 20, 2013

Asdrubal Goes to the Waterpark

Off day today, but I wanted to show you these pics of Asdrubal Cabrera at Waterworks Park in Cuyahoga Falls. Yes, all the way down there!

Does that mean he lives down there? (Here. I live down here!) Or maybe in Venezuela, 40 miles away from home is some other country and he thought no one would recognize him way out in the suburbs?

We can't really bitch at him for being out messing around while he's on the DL - it is an off day for the team. Everybody's out having fun today!

So, that's all. Everyone's Facebook feed is probably blowing up with pics of Asdrubal at the waterpark today, if you're cool and friends with a lot of parents who have the day off and live near Cuyahoga Falls.

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