Saturday, June 22, 2013

Deceptively Complicated

You'd think that with Corey Kluber's last outing, today's outing would be a breeze. But the Twins were up 2-0 already after the top of the first!

You'd think after 5 walks, a hit batsman and 6 runs in the bottom of the first, that'd be enough to get the win. But not true!

In fact it wasn't until the last out in the 9th - a guy who represented the go-ahead run - that the game was safely in our hands. Give credit where credit is due - the Twins really kept at it today. For four hours, too!

Corey Kluber was all right but not nearly as awesome as his last two starts where he gave up 1 run in 16 innings. He gave up the aforementioned homer in the first, for two runs, and gave up another homer in the 4th. He only walked one and I think that was key to him getting out fairly un-scathed - because he did give up 8 hits and only lasted 5.2 innings. He did pretty decently after having to sit for 35 minutes, waiting out the bottom of the 1st - that homer didn't come to the 4th. But maybe that wait contributed to his less-than-OMG showing. Because they had to call in the bullpen early, and all hell broke loose.

Hagadone came in to finish the 6th, gave up a double and a walk in the 7th. Allen came in to finish the 7th, let one of Hagadone's guys score. Bryan Shaw, previously awesome, has given up 2 runs on 4 hits and 3 walks in his last 3 outings. Tonight he came in and gave up a homer first thing.

Next was Oh No, Not Rich Hill who finished the 8th without anyone scoring.

Then Vinnie. Oooooh Vinnie! He had 3 runs to give up and he went with it, giving up 2 runs in the 9th on a double, a FC and a homer. A homer! He also walked a guy after that. What's up, Vinnie?? He's losing his mother-father mind!

There was a weird, long interview with him earlier in the game, by the guys doing the Fox broadcast. During the entire interview, the other pitchers on bench were pelting him with ice cubes and sprinkling him with water. Then they put a towel over his hat, and someone (I think Kluber) poured water on his head. Weird stuff. I hope this didn't friggin' contribute to his awful showing!

Kluber did get the W, thank goodness. I don't think any of those other schmucks deserved it today.

Hey, did you see this series in the Plain Dealer? A blow-by-blow of a typical gameday of Justin Masterson, Vinnie Pestano and Jason Kipnis. I liked it!

Anyway so that was 7 shitty runs given up to the Twins, on 3 home runs. The Twins have the second fewest homers in the AL. They do have Joe Mauer who rocks your face, though. At least one of the homers was to him.

Some of our guys had big nights tonight! That includes Michael Bourn who went 3 for 4 and had 3 RBI. Three! Some say he was a big part of shaking the Twins' starting pitcher up, getting on base right off the bat and dancing around without actually stealing anything. That sounds good to me! All of his RBIs came on singles, too. He got the team's 5th and 6th runs in the first, and got the 8th run (and necessary winning run!) in the 5th.

Mike Aviles had a rotten day at the plate today. He went 0 for 3. He did get hit by a pitch in the first and came around to score. Also, he had a nice day in the field. But that was all for him.

Kipnis was back in to "Wow!" mode today. The Kid went 3 for 4 and was a homer shy of the cycle! (Last cycle - Hafner in '03) But he got a walk and a stolen base instead of getting that home run so he really was getting everything done today. Oh yeah, and 2 RBI!!

Carlos Santana was back doin' stuff today, after 2 games with no hits. Today he was 2 for 3 with a run and 2 walks. He's way ahead of everyone else on the team, with 42 walks. Next is Swisher with 32. He actually led the team last year with 91 but it doesn't seem like he did as well with walks and patience last year. This year he's hitting effectively between walks, and that's why his average is 30 points higher than it ended up being in 2012.

Reynolds walked and came in to score in the first. Giambi walked in a run, and walked again in the 5th and eventually came around to score.

The Chiz Kid had quite a night - finally! He went 2 for 4 with a double, and he came around to score. Now, he just has to do that a ton more, with consistency, and we'll be glad to have him back.

Drew Stubbs got 2 RBI tonight. One was when he walked a guy in, in that magical first innings. The other was in the 5th after Chisenhall's double. Still totally feeling that guy!

This game should have been easy, just on our walked-in runs alone, but the bullpen really gave it up. Luckilly we're a TEAM and everyone contributed to the win, not just leaving it on the shoulders of the pitchers - good or bad.

Tomorrow they go for the SWEEP so get out yer brooms! We're still 3 games behind Detroit, so the Tribe's gotta keep up this winning. Plus it's been a MONTH now since we swept a series (Mariners, 5/20). But I'm really digging all of this winning - we've won 7 of 9 since losing 8 in a row. Cool, huh?

Tomorrow Carlos Carrasco is looking for his first win, and we'll all be looking to make sure he can stay in the game of baseball. Good feelings about this! He'll be facing RHP 6.11. You heard me!

See you there!

Radio Chatter:
"You can tell mark Reynolds is up there trying to hit the ball, not just touch it."
- Tim Belcher

"He's got a pitcher's umpire up there."
- Tim Belcher on PJ Walters

"Let's see if he can work that magic now on Swarzak."
- Jim Rosenhaus on Bourn leaning off first on the new pitcher

"I think Tito loved it, PJ Walters not too much."
- Tim Belcher on Baerga's rousing pre- game speech
"He has the demeanor of a state trooper."
- Tim Belcher on Corey Kluber

"Sometimes you gotta go out on a limb. Columbus did."
- Tim Belcher's hyperbole and a half on Hagadone's pitch choice

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