Thursday, May 30, 2013

How To Get To Homer. D'oh!

The Tribe keeps the Ohio Cup! We split the season series but the Tribe is ahead 44-41 since 1997 so we win the tie breaker.

So, I kid you not - the Indians had a boring game today. They only scored in one inning, they didn't hit any home runs, they struck out 10 times. Not even everybody got a hit!

But that 4th inning, man - that was a whole baseball game right there! And in fact the "game" didn't start until after 2 outs in the 4th inning. Just...HOW COOL WAS THAT?!

We'll get to that 4th inning in a second, first let's talk about pitching.

Did you see the pitching box score today? It's a good one:
Scott Kazmir had a "quality plus" start (my term!) giving up just 1 run in 7 innings. As you can see by his ERA, in his three previous starts he gave up 2 runs in 5 innings, 5 runs in 3 innings and 4 runs in 5 innings. He actually had 2 quality starts before that but this is by far his best game, with 7 innings being the longest he's gone all year and only the second time he held the opposition to 1 run.

We've gone through #1 and #2 in our rotation here in 2 days, and they've only given up 2 runs combined. Let's keep this up!

Also did you notice that only TWO guys had to come out in relief? And they gave up a combined NONE runs?? Hagadone had a great outing after a series of 3 craptacular outings (with one fine outing smashed in there). If he's back on some sort of upward swing, this is the beginning!

Albers gave up a run against Cincy the other day, but he held strong here throwing only 12 pitches to get the Reds out 1-2-3 to close out the game.

In addition to the nice pitching, the team had some nice fielding with 2 double plays and a fancy catch in the outfield by Bourn. Surely you know what I'm talking about now when I said I was all bored with Bourn yesterday after just getting 1 hit in the game and not making any cool plays. Today he went 2 for 5 with a double and had a cool play and all is right with the world! He also got 2 RBI because the guys at the bottom of the lineup were hitting too, so things are SUPER right!

Kipnis got in there and contributed today after a crazy-long drought. Ugh, I hate when that kid isn't doing well! I'm seeing a lot more "We Are All Kipnises" shirts at the park this season, so maybe he'll start getting inspired again. He went 1 for 5 with a run scored.

Asdrubal was a key player in the big inning today. He led off and got hit by a pitch. The next two guys got out, but Cabby made it to second and then came around to score when Brantley got a single. Later in the inning he got his team-leading 18th double and his 23rd RBI! He ended up not doing anything else in the game, but really neither did anyone else!

Like Nick Swisher, for example - he actually went 0 for 4. I am starting to think the New Dad High is well past him and he's now on New Dad Crash. Hopefully they give that dude a night off here, I think he needs a nap.

Do you think Carlos Santana got on base today? Of course he got on base today! He went 1 for 4 and came around to score! I won't mention that he struck out 3 times, because this is a classy joint.

Mark Reynolds is holding on by his fingernails on the edge of the Slumpville Cliff. Today he managed just 1 hit and I accidentally just learned that he leads the team in strikeouts. Nooooo! But hey, 1 hit is better than no hits, so at least he's not sliding back down!

Cousin Michael was getting all sorts of things done today. Run, hit, RBI, walk, stolen base. No strikeouts, of course. That sort of line for a game is exactly the sort of line a guy name Dr. Smooth should have. Can you dig it?

Yan Gomes...boy, he really is making a good case for himself to be our new starting catcher. Three for our today - are you kidding me?!
Not kidding! Aaaaaah!
I can't believe he only got 1 RBI on the night. Of course, it was a 2-out RBI (as were all of tonight's RBI). According to Tom Hamilton, 45% of our runs this year have come on 2 outs. That's amazing!

Ryan Raburn is apparently injured. Eep! Says he went out with a leg injury after his RBI double and run scored in the 4th. We don't need our depth to be falling apart here - get better, Raburn!

Here's an interesting fact - Stubbs, Reynolds and Brantley have the most games played at 52. The team has played 53 games. They play more than Asdrubal! That's pretty impressive especially for Reynolds as "the designated hitter." Brantley I can see, because he's hard to replace. Stubbs I guess got to play more since Bourn was out. But it shows how solid they are at the plate if they're always getting called in to bat even when they have the night off. Go Stubbs!

It's pretty weird how boring this wrapup is for such an exciting game. Really the highlight was the pitching! And of course scoring 7 dang runs with 2 outs in the 4th inning! It's always something with these guys, huh?

In other news today, the Facebook page Tom Hamilton Has The Best Homerun Call In All Of Baseball got its stuff taken down by Facebook today as the MLB came a'callin. Argh! It was sort of inevitable considering he got pulled off YouTube before (they just really don't like their stuff being used without that dang written consent), but still it's super sad. The guy that runs it is trying to get said written consent from the MLB so keep your fingers crossed!

In the meantime, if he can't get his videos back he hopes to turn the page in to a Hammy appreciation/discussion page and I hope that everyone who reads here is the sort of person who can get in to a Hammy appreciation/discussion page so hie yourself over there and say things!

Tomorrow the Rays come to town for dollar dogs and fireworks. It's gonna be crazy! Apparently the Rays are super good (albeit in 4th place?) and have won 5 in a row, so the Tribe needs to play spoiler to that mess. But with 20,000+ fans showing up and some juice in our bats the prognosis is good for mowin' em down!

It'll be our main man Corey Kluber tomorrow versus LHP 2.21. A guy with no losses and a low ERA? Sweet! Close enough to a Cy Young winner so bring him on!

See you there!

Radio Chatter:
"Two outs, an 0-2 count - of course they score. It's what they do!"
- Jim Rosenhaus

"The night goes much faster when the Indians are winning."
- Tom Hamilton

"The executives at Fox television would pass out if there was an all-Ohio World Series."
- Tom Hamilton

"To play the game the way Brandon Philips plays it, it's fun."
- Tom Hamilton

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