Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Go Go Gadget Gomes!

The Tribe pulled it out today in a 1-0 game, and, I dunno, I think it was all thanks to Yan Gomes.

Not only did he call the game from behind the plate - the game in which the other team scored none - but he also is the guy who got that 1 RBI (via a very long sac fly). He's also the guy who got the second out in the 9th inning via laser throw.

Of course, you gotta give credit to starter Zach McAllister for throwing the pitches that Yan Gomes wanted. McAllister was like "I AM IN THE ROTATION, BITCH!" and threw 7 2/3 innings with no runs and only one walk. He actually only struck out 4 and gave up 5 hits but he had it all planned out right and that all was no big deal. He threw 111 pitches and almost made it through a full 8 but hey, we only had one run up on them. Good move by Francona to sit him.

Rich Hill came in to finish the 8th, then it was Pure Rage time! Firestarter! He did what he always does - one ball in play for an out, one single, one strikeout. This time he didn't get the opportunity to get the pop out because Yan Gomes just mowed down Cespedes when he tried to steal second after that single. Just...rocket ship to second, man. MLB's Web site is being weird about video, so I had to resort to trickery and stealiness in order to get the video to you. You haven't seen a good Caught Stealing all season so I think we all deserve it.

The team actually managed 5 hits today (while the A's managed 6!) even though it only resulted in one run.

Drew Stubbs was at the top, giving Brantley the night off in favor of a right-hander. Stubbs didn't do anything. Not what I expected!

Kipnis, ont he other hand, rocked this town, rocked it inside out with his 4th double, going 2 for 4 on the night!

Asdrubal didn't get anything, but Swisher went 1 for 3, which is what you expect out of Swisher. Consistency is key!

Santana didn't hit, but he got on base due to an error, then got to second due to another error, then moved to third on Aviles' hit and came home to score on Gomes' sac fly! So Santana's average is suffering a bit with a "paltry" .355 (now he's in 3rd place in the league) but his OBP is still up there at .450 (albeit second in the league).

Hey how about that Ryan Raburn?! He's so good!
He's so good that Panini's named a sandwich after him. It's called "The Big _______".

He got another hit tonight, giving him 17 in his last 10 games. His little streak is on at 3.

You heard about Aviles going 1 for 3 already, and then there was Yan Gomes with his Gomes Style!

Do you think we can sweep a 4-game series? I mean we're halfway there. We'd be winning a 3-game series already. Tomorrow is Justin Masterson -
And Meryl!
- versus RHP 3.79. Dude on the A's had a good game last time out but before that he gave up 11 runs in 11 innings. I like that! And Masterson has had 2 not-so-good starts in a row and he doesn't stay bad for long so he's gotta be McAllister-like one of these games coming up, I say.

Tomorrow's my brother's birthday, too. Let's win it for him! Or just for winning's sake, whatever.

7:05 start - see you there!

Radio Chatter:
"You know where you should be looking? Look into the dugout at Jared Parker if you want to stare at somebody."
- Tom Hamilton on Josh Donaldson being upset at being brushed off the plate

"The end result of that blast by Mark Reynolds was that today John Adams had to get an insurance policy for his drum."
- Tom Hamilton

"Aviles gave him the shimmy-shake and got around him!"
- Jim Rosenhaus on Aviles avoiding being picked off in the 5th

"We'll see if his vitamin doctor is as good this season as he was a year ago."
- Tom Hamilton on Bartolo Colon

"Somewhere in Hollywood, Brad Pitt just threw up."
- Tom Hamilton referencing Moneyball

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