Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Halted To The Max

Man, them Tigers look good! Especially Max Scherzer - he totally just shut down the hottest team in baseball! You know, that team that beat Justin Verlander a couple weeks ago? Shut down!

Miguel Cabrera too. Damn! Apparently he's going to help some dude win $5.6 million. What a guy!

Corey Kluber actually had a quality start tonight. He went 6 1/3 and only gave up 3 runs. He had a career-high 8 strikeouts, so that's cool. I was just discussing the other day on here how quality starts were a good stat for us now, considering they mean fewer than 4 runs and our team is hitting so well now. Except it doesn't quite cut it when the other guy sits down 22 in a row! But Kluber looked good, I like it.

Cody Allen was really on his game tonight. He walked a guy but then got 4 straight outs. I mean strikeouts! He struck out Cabrera, Fielder, Martinez and Peralta. So - DAMN, CODY ALLEN!!

David Huff and Matt Albers were kind of awful. They teamed up to pitch the 9th inning and give up 2 runs on 3 hits and 2 walks. Yech.

The Tribe only got 3 hits today! I guess it says something if they managed to get a run out of it.

Michael Bourn went 2 for 4 - meaning dude has gotten NINE hits in his last 5 games. Wow! After one of those hits he managed to steal second off Valverde. Potato.

Asdrubal got the team's other hit, a single that got Bourn to 3rd. Bourn ended up scoring on Brantley's sac fly. Santana walked (because he's on base, like a boss!) and the next 22 guys got out.

Bourn singled and stole in the 9th, Asdrubal got hit by a pitch, and that was the end of that.

Tom Hamilton mentioned the other day that this team isn't having long slumps. They're losing a game here and there and coming back to win a bunch more. So I'm not worried. In fact I'm totally looking forward to seeing Ubaldo versus Verlander tomorrow!

Although what is this crap about these doofuses named Mike & Mike, throwing out the first pitch? The Tribe needs to win tomorrow to disprove whatever bad juju this is, that's for sure.

It'll be a 7:05 game - see you there!

Radio Chatter:
"That's the way you want to face Miguel Cabrera - with nobody on base."
- Tom Hamilton

"You think [Miguel] Cabrera felt guilty after watching the effort from the other two?"
- Jim Rosenhaus after watching Miggy watch a foul ball get chased down

"The Cavaliers got the first draft pick. They're going to draft LeBron James' son."
- Tom Hamilton

"This Tiger bullpen isn't going to let Jim Leland quit smoking any time soon."
- Tom Hamilton

"If you find a section that hasn't been ripped up, take a picture."
- Tom Hamilton on the highway between Cleveland and Detroit

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