Wednesday, May 15, 2013

That's More Like It!

Happy Kipnis day, boffins! Don't you just love it when the Kid plays the way he can? And you know he's as excited about it as we are!

The whole Tribe team was into it today, that's for sure, after two - well, three - miserable games where we didn't score and didn't win. The starter was on it, the reliever was tight and there were enough extra runs to let Nick Hagadone pitch!

Corey Kluber was your starter today. I don't know if you recall but his last start was against Detroit where he gave up 8 earned runs in 4 2/3 innings. He's better now! Today he threw the absolute minimum of a quality start - 6 innings with 3 runs. Does he get extra points that all 3 runs were hit in by the same guy, on a single and a double? He definitely gets extra points for no homers! He struck out 5 in his 6 innings, by the way.

Oh yeah AND he almost hit a huge double, but it got caught. But AND he got a walk - and came in to score a run! *ahem* sorry, didn't mean to seem excited about pitchers batting. It's pretty sad when you have to get so excited about a fly out and a walk, huh? 

Cody Allen had an awesome 7th inning. A 1-2-3 inning where he struck out the second two guys after a ground-out. Nifty!

Nick Hagadone came in for the 8th and didn't suck. He faced 4 batters giving up no hits, just a walk. Good, so...what does this mean?

Albers came in for the 9th and actually gave up a run. But hey, the party was already spilling on to the street by then so I barely noticed.

Bourn and Brantley were benched today, because we can. And of course in a NL game you're going to see all your guys bat anyway, so we didn't miss them for long. And, since Drew Stubbs was having a good game batting leadoff, Bourn and Brantley were surprisingly not missed at all!

Stubbs went 2 for 5 on the day with a double, and he came in to score both times! Nice jobs, Stubbs - he's got a little 4-game hit streak going, and is bringing his average back up to the "Wow, we got more than we asked for with this guy!" level.

Kipnis had a DAY!! The dirtbag went 3 for 4 with 2 doubles, a homer and a walk. And 3 RBI. It was sort of precious how Vinnie Pestano was so excited for Kipnis after he got the home run:

D'awww! Anyway, Kipnis has 11 hits in his last 10 games and more importantly 13 RBI. His average still has some climbing to do before it's at Stubbs-level, but he's definitely going in that direction with FEELING!

Asdrubal wasn't too far behind Kipnis today in terms of excitement. He went 2 for 4 with a walk and got a HUGE 2-out hit in the 6th. I've got a confession to make - I get very un-positive when Asdrubal comes up with 2 out and men on base. Partly because my confidence in him is shaky this year and I think the other part of it is that I'm hyper-focused on his at-bats so while other dudes are probably being disappointing left and right, I probably remember every single time Asdrubal skunks it. Then I get to thinking "Whew, that was close!" when he gets the job done, probably so I can go forth and brag. It's very complicated emotionally to have a favorite player.

Swisher was sure to join his top-of-the-order cronies in the RBI fun. He only went 1 for 5 but it was a big one! He got a 2-run homer in the 5th, which ended up including the winning run.

Check out this story about ball player Jim Gentile, who could of been the star player of 1961 had it not been for those other guys. They ask the old man who his favorite player today is. He says it's Swish. Literally!

Mark Reynolds had an interesting game. He was at bat in the 3rd and took a swing that seemed to cause him some muscle distress. They checked him out, he stepped back in to the box and hit a 2-run double! Beardy double! He ended up going 1 for 4 on the day but I don't think he hurt himself. He's just slumpy right now. They put all of the pitchers in his batting slot later in the game, and when it came time for one of them to hit, Michael Bourn stepped in. But Kluber was in the 9 spot, not Reynolds' spot, when he came to bat, and eventually Michael Brantley hit for him. Confusing.

Carlos Santana got on base today. Duh! Just a boring old single, though, and he didn't come in to score. Still hitting over .300 though at .319! Him and Brantley are the only guys still up there (.303).

Ryan Raburn didn't get a hit or anything today. Awww...
Random Mike Aviles was on the hot hitters train today, though! He was bonding with the rest of the boys in the infield. He had his third homer of the year to get the 4th inning's "only" RBI.

So the Tribe pummeled another million-dollar pitcher. Cole Hamels may not be a Cy Young Award winner but he was a candidate. And of course his bullpen didn't fare much better (Hi Chad Durbin!)

They were making a big deal about how Francona said the guys had to focus extra hard to not take their day off a few hours early today. Do you think that attitude was what did it, or was it just a matter of knowing how to hit Hamels and just being flummoxed by unknowns?

The Indians outscored the Phillies 32-12 this year. You're welcome, Braves and Nats fans! Frig those Phillies!

Tomorrow is a well-needed off day, and then the Mariners come to town with another Cy Young Award winner in tow. Yay! Friday is Dollar Dog Night and also a fireworks night so it's gonna be crazy awesome at The Prog (I hope). And by "crazy awesome" I mean for all the people who will come out to the game, and for me to listen to all the cheers from my home. Root root root!

Friday's matchup is Ubaldo versus RHP 5.97. Snerk!  See you there!

Radio Chatter:
"Cole Hamels admitted that he hit the banquet circuit after they won it all in 2008."
- Tom Hamilton

"This is when you go to get a hot dog."
- Tom Hamilton on pitchers batting

"Maybe what the Indians need is to face more aces and Cy Young winners."
- Tom Hamilton

"Now you can see why the National League wants pitchers to bat. Because that was riveting."
- Tom Hamilton's tongue is in his cheek

"To hear some people in the Nation League describe it, it's right up there with Einstein's Theory of Relativity."
- Tom Hamilton on the double switch

"I think the key for the Indians this year, they have got to face a pitcher who is making 20 million a year."
- Tom Hamilton

"This used to be our nation's capital. They moved it when all of the people in government gained about 80 pounds from all of the cheesesteaks and Tastycakes."
- Tom Hamilton

"In true Philly fashion, those fans who are staying are booing."
- Tom Hamilton

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