Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Now With 100% More Yanimal

Argh! I wrote a whole blog post but it got eaten right at the very last second before I published it! I've never had that happen before - I am very not happy!

But I will give you this:
And I will tell you that I thought if we were going to lose 2 game in a row for the first time since the end of April, I'm proud it came after 5 runs in 5 innings off Verlander. I thought it was sweet how we came back to within 2. I thought it was weird how Bourn Canseco'd that ball over the wall for Miguel Cabrera. I also surprisingly am not too worried about Ubaldo right now, but I am already over David Huff. Asdrubal had 2 doubles and Michael Brantley is batting .311!

Also I will tell you that tomorrow's game is on WKYC at 7:10, from Boston. It's Zach McAllister versus RHP 4.27. No sweat, right?

See you there!

Radio Chatter:
"Tha last thing Verlander needs is help."
- Tom Hamilton on the strike zone

"When's the last time you saw Torii Hunter not go over a wall?"
- Tom Hamilton

"David Huff better put it on speed dial out there getting ready."
- Tom Hamilton on the demise of Jiminez

"Verlander must be a huge Redwings fan."
- Tom Hamilton on Verlander's 'leg save' in the 3rd

"When you give up 5 runs on 10 hits it also tells you he was making mistakes."
- Tom Hamilton on Verlander

"You have two rain delays, lots of action, and you get strange people dancing on the scoreboard between innings."
- Tom Hamilton

"Well it won't be hard getting out of the parking garage tonight. That's a silver lining."
"I betcha we still have problems!"
"Yeah there will be 15 cars in there and it'll still be bumper-to-bumper."
- Tom Hamilton and Jim Rosenhaus

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