Friday, May 24, 2013

Ridin' The Storm Out

Welp, after yesterday's trouncing of the Red Sox - in the rain - the Indians went through their own trouncing tonight. In the rain.

John Lackey - not a Cy Young Award winner - pitched 7 innings at us, only giving up 2 hits and 1 run. His buddies gave up 2 more hits but that was it on the night. Four hits for us.

Justin Masterson threw 6 innings + 1 batter and gave up 5 runs. His ERA jumped back up over 3. Perhaps he doesn't like the rain? It was weird though because his 2nd inning was bad and then he had three 1-2-3 innings in a row, and then gave up a run in the 6th and then a double in the 7th that came around to score when he was done. So parts of that outing were good but taken as a was bad.

Rich Hill didn't do anyone any favors by coming in and hitting a guy. Then he let Masterson's baserunner score, along with two of his own. And then more got on and scored. ALL ON SINGLES!! For Pete's sake, Rich Hill - that ain't right!

Matt Albers came in to save Hill from himself, only to let Hill's last two batters score. SERENITY NOW!!

Aaaaah...Vinnie Pestano for the 8th, No hits, no runs, one strikeout. Much better. Too late, of course, but much better than that wild dog and pony show of the 7th!

Asdrubal went 1 for 4, extending his little hitting streak to 4.

Nick Swisher was back today from paternity leave. And as with all returning-from-paternity-leave Indians in the past have done, he did something a little bit spectacular. Sometimes the guys have an all-around great game, sometimes they hit well, Swisher took to playing some good defense. I'm telling you - it's a thing!

Check it out:

So there you go.

Mark Reynolds kept up his "back" status with a hit today. He's got a 3-game hitting streak going after a 3-game no-hit streak. He got a single, then Brantley got a single, then they double stole (Mark Reynolds!) which completely confused the Red Sox (who said "Mark Reynolds?!") and they threw the ball away allowing Reynolds to score.

Brantley is still crushing your face, tonight going 2 for 4 with a double and that stolen base. Ten hits in his last 6 games. Which I believe are 6 games since his dad visited him in the clubhouse. He must have scared something in to the boy!

That is it for today's game, though. Just those 4 hits from 3 dudes! Not sure what's up. I mean, the weather was bad but it didn't stop them last night and it didn't stop the Red Sox.

Tomorrow is I guess the rubber match, where Sunday might be uh...the extra match? We really need to win it because my friend is predicting a 1-5 road trip and to that I say NONSENSE! It'll be a 1:35 game and from what they're saying it will be raining still. Or maybe not - maybe that's why the game is re-scheduled for the afternoon? My schedule has it at 7:10. But it's definitely 1:35 now.

It'll be Kazmir versus LHP 3.15. Another guy with a name, who is known to be good, so surely we shall beat him senseless! Let's hope Kazmir is on board with all this.

I'll see you there!

Radio Chatter:
"They didn't see Noah's Ark yet so they figured they could start the game."
- Tom Hamilton

"It's always a bad sign when you come to the ballpark and see a St. Bernard wrapped up in a blanket. And his flask is empty."
- Tom Hamilton on the weather

"All I can think of is Nick Nolte and Robert DiNero in Cape Fear. Aren't we near there?"
- Tom Hamilton on the weather

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