Saturday, July 21, 2012

Zach Attack!

Zach McAllister is pretty awesome! Right now I dare say he's our best starter. Masterson was again for a second but Zach's been real steady so far. He has quality starts without giving up crazy amounts of runs.

Tonight he went 7 and gave up 3 runs off 5 hits. Through 6 innings he faced 19 batters (minimum plus 1). He gave up a single and then a homer in the 7th. He actually pitched to 3 guys in the 8th as well (only 95 pitches by then) but gave up another homer and that was it. Still, he struck out 6 and any team should be able to overcome a 3-run game by a starter. 'Cept this one.

Sipp came in for the rest of the 8th and walked one and gave up a single, but got out of it un-scathed. For the sake of working, Vinne Pestano came in for the 9th and struck out 2. Because he rocks.

Unfortunately, the back end of Baltimore's bullpen is even better than ours. Like, for real. Ours is 40-2 when we lead in the 8th and theirs is 39-0. Booooing!

CHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO got his 11th homer! Always fun times when he puts it out of the yard. Cuz he's just our little leadoff guy right? Ha ha joke's on you! He only went 1 for 4 thought.

Brantley got a hit :)

Carlos Santana got a double and a walk. That is very good, Carlos Santana - you keep it up!! Everyone keeps saying he needs to get his stuff together. Well here he is - where everyone else?

Damon and Kotchman each went 1 for 4, but not at the same time. So nothing came of that.

Looks like my conjecture last night about the possible back-ness of Jack Hannahan is true! Today he went 2 for 3! But nothing came of that, either.

Everyone was fairly decent tonight but nobody was putting their hits together with other hits. We also only got one walk. The putting runs together thing, that's really crucial to the scoring runs thing.

I'm just glad I took the time to clean the house and do a million chores during this game today. I'd feel pretty busted if I wasted all night listening to that hooey. Bah.

In other news, Roberto "Fausto" Hernandez is on his way to CLE right now after obtaining his visa. I thought he was already in the country in AZ but he was actually in the Dominican practicing at our Dominican facility. He's going to be suspended for 3 weeks but he'll be playing in the minors in that time. Anyone going to try to catch him at one of the minor league games?

Tomorrow is another game against those Orioles. Charlie Nagy jersey day. It's a 3:05 thing, I think it will be packed. Yesterday we had 34k today 36k. People really enjoying the free parking or something!

Let's hope the fans get to see a win tomorrow. I'll see you there!

Radio Chatter:
"[Umpire] Jerry Layne's main job tonight is to make everyone in the ballpark guess what the call is."
- Tom Hamilton

"When that trade was made, there were probably four Yankee fans who had heard of Zach McAllister. And two of them included his mom and dad."
- Tom Hamilton on the trade of Austin Kearns for McAllister

"Unless there's an outbreak of measles, the Indians are going to face Doug Fister, Max Scherzer and Justin Verlander."
- Tom Hamilton

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