Saturday, July 28, 2012


Not sure what to say about all this, boffins. I didn't know what to say yesterday after our poor performance and then we did it AGAIN! With a different pitcher and a slightly different lineup! Even a blown call! WAT?!

Justin Masterson was awesome until he completely was not. Three scoreless innings then 10 runs (8 earned) in the next 2 2/3. Only two strikeouts (but only 2 walks) and 7 hits. I guess I'm glad Acta left him in, sort of like rubbing a dog's nose in his own mess (don't do this to your dog, it doesn't teach him anything). He gave up 2 then 3 then 5. Five! He's given up 21 runs in the month of July. August can't come soon enough.

It didn't really matter who came in to relieve Masterson - we weren't coming back. So they trotted out Rogers and Sipp who also gave up runs, one apiece.

The defense didn't help much. Hannahan had an error which led to 2 un-earned runs. Brent Lillibridge was in to play short so Asdrubal could have the day off. I totally do not understand the Lillibridge thing. He can play anywhere including short...uh...can't Lopez too? Even if Lopez can't, his average is 90 points higher! You know who can play SS? Apparently Hannahan, who was shifted over there when Lopez came in. They put Lillibridge in Center to give Brantley a sit-down, I guess.

Confusing mess, that's what that is.

Did you know Jack Hannahan was from Minneapolis? So is Prince.

Nobody really hit today - even though we got 5 runs. There were 9 walks and an error, and only 4 hits. Only 3 of our runs were even earned.

Carlos Santana went yard, tho! Heyoo! A 2-run, 2-out dinger! He's had 12 RBI in July (3 tonight) so HE has had a decent July at least. But it was all too little too late.

That's about all the excitement I can muster for this game, y'all. Santana looking good yet.

It was not supposed to be this way. This is not how we were supposed to spend the weekend.

Tomorrow's our final game of the series with the Twins THANK GOD. How many runs you think they'll get off us tomorrow? I'd be happy with none. Or three. Maybe I can deal with 3. Their pitcher's ERA is the same as ours.

It's a 2:10 start...I'll be at the Aquarium. But sometime after, I'll see you there!

Radio Chatter:
"Hammy at a wedding? I don't know what kind of condition he'll be in tomorrow..."
- Jim Rosenhaus on Tom Hamilton's absence

"That's been the story through the first 3 innings for Masterson - nothing but strikes."
- Jim Rosenhaus...before

"Boy if you were a Minnisota Twins fan and were out of the loop, and just dropped in to Minneapolis this weekend, stopped in to see a couple of ball games, you'd be thinking 'Hey what's the problem?'"
- Jim Rosenhaus is as stunned as we are

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