Thursday, July 19, 2012

Full Price

Really, not much to say about today's game - which is good because it's only 4 PM and I'm still at work and shouldn't be saying much at all. But hey - the sooner I get it over with the sooner I can look towards the Tribe's homecoming and the 3-game slaughter of the Orioles!

Ubaldo was the starter today and I must say he looked damned good - until he didn't. Of course he had us all on the edge of our seats loading them up in the first and getting out of it. He ended up giving up 7 hits and 5 walks for a total of 5 earned runs. He did strike out 5 in his 5 2/3 innings and only gave up one run ... until he gave up 4 more before he was yanked like Fred Willard at the girly show.

Scott Barnes added to Ubaldo's total by promptly giving up a hit when he came in. Then he gave up a run of his own on two doubles in the 7th. Jeez...

Jeremy Accardo ALSO gave up a double but to no ill effect. He ended up striking out 2 in the 8th. He's not looking too bad...better than Barnes who Hamilton declares "not ready for the Majors."

So David Price is in line for this year's Cy Young, and our lineup has been struggling so as you can imagine, it was bad news up and down the lineup for us today.

The absolute highlight - for me at least - was that Asdrubal got a hit! Yessir, one of our two hits off David Price came from the previously struggling Asdrubal Cabrera! Struggling no more? Indeed!

The guy who got the other hit was Jose Lopez. He's also the guy who got a homer off Aroldis Chapman earlier this year. Must like to hit these crazy-good pitchers. Or they have no idea how to pitch to him.

Santana walked twice, so that's pretty cool. Oddly enough, Michael Brantley struck out twice.

That's it. That was today's game. Ubaldo crumbled and our offense was completely denied and David Price is awesome.

Next up is 4 against the O's, who we bombed pretty good in June. The series is at home and there's all sorts of crazy good deals on parking and transportation and stuff. And Beatles fireworks! Let's hope all the fan love gets us a nice set of wins - maybe a sweep?

Tomorrow, Saturday and Monday are all 7:05, and Sunday is 3:05. John Adams will be there - how about you? I'll be there Monday, maybe Saturday too. See you there!

Radio Chatter:
"How in the world can you allow Jose Molina to steal a base?!"
- Tom Hamilton after Jose Molina stole a base

"He's gone 7-12 since he recorded a commercial with Darth Vader, so he's got that going for him."
- Jim Rosenhaus on Luke Scott

"When he's in a jam, Ubaldo Jiminez is at his best."
- Tom Hamilton

"No disgrace in getting shut out by Price."
- Tom Hamilton

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