Monday, July 16, 2012

Too Hard

Jesus, that win was too hard to come by! The way ZacMac pitched and our guys getting on base 16 times it shoulda been cake. There shouldn't have been a scramble to get relievers working and a nail-biting 9th inning. Also shouldn't have been a three-and-a-half-hour game but there it was.

At least it was a win!

Zach McAllister was aces tonight. ACES! You can't go wrong with strong starting pitching, and we've seen a good bit of that lately (Ubaldo nonwithstanding). McAllister went 6 giving up only 3 hits and striking out 5. Just one earned run! He got his 4th win and is now 4-1. Awesome call-up - sorry Jeanmar!

Esmil Rogers, with eyes as wide as saucers, was brought in for the 7th and promptly gave up a homer. Oops! He walked one and then had to be saved by Sipp, who couldn't get the third out, so they both had to be saved by Vinnie. Who rocks your socks and not only finished the 7th but came in for his classic 8th-inning hold.

Perez was not about to let one go, and came in to throw 94 MPH fastballs and 84 MPH sliders. Which one would it be which one would it be? OOOOH sorry you guessed wrong! Yer out! He put his guys down 1-2-3, striking out two and gaining his 26th save. PARTY AT SENOR PURE RAGE'S TONIGHT! (Perez is from the Tampa area and I suspect his dad still lives there.)

CHOOOOOOOOOOOOO had a great night tonight, going 2 for 4 with 2 doubles. One double - the lead off hit in the first - was actually a home run or a triple but it ended up being called a ground rule double. Lame! But he stole 3rd then came down to score on a wild pitch. HA!

Man, I am not going to be so invested in one player anymore. Such soul crushing sadness when your main guy does shit like strike out 4 times in one game and leave 7 on base. Like, I think I have to re-evaluate my life now. What am I doing? How did I get here? Should I invest in new foam board and markers? Because my blue marker broke, you know. So if I'm going to make a new sign it's either got to be non-Tribe colors or I'm going to have to make an investment in another marker.

Life is hard here in Asdrubalville.

But, the JK Kid had a little resurgence tonight, going 2 for 3 with a walk and a RBI. His two hits were doubles as well!

Choo has now 10 stolen bases and 29 doubles, and Kipnis has 10 doubles and 20 stolen bases. Doesn't it seem like Choo should have more stolen bases and Kipnis more doubles? I keep thinking this and they keep having the wrong stats.

Michael Brantley is back to 0 game hitting streak. I thought he might pull it out by walking all FOUR times he was up to bat but no luck. He actually struck out once. Doesn't matter though - going 0 for 1 keeps him up over .300 with .301! Woohoo! He's also hitting cleanup now which is smartness for Acta. There's no rule that says your DH or your top home run guy needs to be 4th! Put in the guy that is hitting!

I kept waiting for ol' Lopez to do something amazing tonight, being that he was up 4 times with 6 guys on base. Nothing. Hafner at least walked twice! But otherwise, nothing from him too. And Kotchman. I thought we could always count on Kotchman? (Well, 23.5% of the time)

Carlos Santana got a hit! But he still NEEDS multi-hit games. We can't do it without that. HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO TELL HIM?!

Johnny Damon, native Floridian, best season of his life 2011 with the Rays, 2 for 3, yadda yadda.

Hey Jack Hannahan! He came in to bat for Damon in the 9th and got a hit! Good on ya!

Not a very exciting performance overall for our boys. Much better in the pitching department than hitting. Manny is tinkering with the lineup a bit, and I trust him to come upon something miraculous to follow up the invention of Choo Leads Off. Brantley Cleanup shows promise but I also like the idea of Shelley Every Day.

Maybe we'll get a taste of Lou tomorrow so he can continue his little hitting streak. Tomorrow it's Tomlin versus a dude we dominated last time around. Both guys have similar stats but if our guys are batting with their thinking caps on they've got a chance to crack him again.

Another 7:10 start - let's hope they get their sea legs by then. See you there!

Radio Chatter:
"We want to thank Bartley for being a long-time listener and thank you for sharing that information..."
- Tom Hamilton joking on Bart Swain sending him trivia about having all the teams in the AL over .500 (except Kansas)

"I guess Bobby Valentine is never going to learn to shut his mouth."
- Tom Hamilton on Youk returning to Boston this week

"He completely surprised his first baseman Pena."
- Tom Hamilton on Farnsworth's unexpected (and missed) throw to first in the 6th

"Cabrera has left a small village on base."
- Tom Hamilton

"What the Indians want is a legitimate middle-of-the-order hitter. But I am still waiting for that pony I asked for when I was five years old."
- Tom Hamilton

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